Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Getting up early is a breeze...

I am not too sure if any of you were in London Monday night, but did you hear that wind? Holey Moley! I thought that our entire block was going to blow over.  I was awake pretty early due to the wind and then couldn't quite get back to sleep afterwards.  

So why waste the early start? I put on my gym clothes, packed my bag and headed into work to get 30mins on the treadmill to kick off the day.  I was itching for a run since Saturday's poor attempt but didn't feel like recreating my worst nightmare of running against the wind outside.

Ok, I wasn't just wearing this.  Add a hoodie, leather jacket, fury snood and gloves to complete my look this morning :)

Managed to get a good 5K out of the treadmill today.  I didn't just hop on and run though - treadmills can be so boring!

I made sure that when I was tired, I put the incline up to around 5 or so and dropped the speed to no lower than 9.5.  I was very sweaty afterwards to say the least!

When my Sister was in town last, she mentioned to me that she had been practising Yoga back home in CT.  She inspired me to try this new stretch, where you push your bum against the wall and basically put your legs up straight for a while.  Oh. My. Goodness. I could have sat like this all day.  It was so relaxing and made my legs recover quite quickly.  Sitting here at my laptop now, I don't even feel sore!?

I didn't get to the gym at lunch time (had to walk up the road to get some bits and bobs for a Secret Santa present due on Thursday) so I will be back to lifting tomorrow.  Did someone say legs day?  Very exciting and always my favourite day of the week.  No matter how tender I am the next day.

When I got home, I let these little guys in and I guess they missed me all day... Straight to my bed and puppy dog eyes in full focus.  All together now.... Awwwwww!! :)

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