Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday after a busy weekend

Ahhhh Mondays.  Don't you just love em?  Joking.  I really don't.  I start to get that sinking feeling that the weekend is over, usually at around 2pm on Sunday.

Sunday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Robbie and Paul for the afternoon.  I made some more pumpkin pie (as you do!) and we chilled out while watching Horrible Bosses.  If you haven't seen it, you should!  I love Charlie Day (from IASIP) and think he just about makes the movie.

Not a bad racket hey?

It was a struggle to get out of bed.  I am not going to lie. I usually am one of those annoying people who leaps out of bed, stretches and sings "good morning" when I wake up.  Well, not that bad, but I just get on with things.  However, today I pressed the snooze button on more than 3 occasions.  Naughty!

The only thing I could drag myself out of bed for, was my beloved oatmeal with peanut butter.  That warmed me up and got me going.

As usual, getting dressed I sniffed my clothes and whatever smelt clean was put on.  Ta da!  You can see where I have repeated this outfit here.

Oh, and thank you TFL for making my journey to work 2.5 hours.  That was amazing ;)

My gym session at lunch time went like this:
10mins on cross trainer, warm up, level 14

DB flies at 6kg
DB bench press at 10kg
Military press at 10kg
Alternating DB curl at 10kg
Tricep press at 12kg
Tricep dips
Wide grip lat pull down at 28kg

 Thankfully due to my tardiness in the morning, it was a fairly short day and 5:30pm came around quite quickly.  Now, off to enjoy home made meatballs... Yummo!

How was your Monday? Do you rely on public transport to get to work? Has it ever let you down as badly as creating an additional 2.5hours on top of your usual transit time?

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