Thursday, 8 December 2011

Monday/Tuesday Lifting and left overs

Monday and Tuesday went by so quickly this week!  It probably has something to do with me having last week off to move house and start a new chapter in my life.  Getting back to work really sucked, along with the 270 emails that were "urgent" and had to be dealt with right away.

Needless to say, when lunch time came around I was chomping at the bit to get to the gym.  Not only for a break away from my desk, but to get some lifting in after a week off.  I did my best to lift and run while I was off, but it doesn't really compare to a visit to the gym these days.

Monday workout
Elliptical, warm up, 10mins, level 14
Wide grip bench press
Push ups
Cable cross over
Incline DB press
Alternating DB curl
Ab work along with the usual 3 pull ups

Tuesday workout
Elliptical, warm up, 10mins, level 14 (all the treadmills were full up!)
Upright DB row
Side lateral raise
Military DB press
Standing palm in DB raise
Front DB raise
Calf raises
Ab work

When I got home from work, Robbie and I were starving.  He had been at work all day and not really had the chance to eat anything decent for lunch. 

We decided to make an omelet! Mushrooms, onion, carrots, left over ham and sweet potato with egg whites.

Protein baby!  It is amazing what you can make at home with left overs and eggs.   I knew the sweet potato would fill Robbie up.  I have to really adjust portion sizes and meals when thinking about cooking with someone else.  I am always so satisfied with girl portions... man, Robbie eats so much more than a girls portion haha.  Talk about eye opener!

Almost the finished product. I cooked it over a slow heat for around 7 mins or so and sprinkled some light cheese on top for a bit more flavour.  Pretty sure this ended up being egg cake the third!  I think this is most certainly the tastiest and easiest way to get rid of left overs... right?

How do you like your omelets?  Do you use them as an excuse to use up left overs or do you plan what you will use as ingredients?

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