Friday, 30 December 2011

My New Running Shoes ;)

After the last couple of runs this week, I have felt some pain in my shins and hips.   This is not something that I have experienced since I began running earlier this year (in a 6 year old pair of inappropriate cross trainers).

Also, according to my Nike +, I have completed over 250km (that's not including my treadmill and misc runs without Nike +) so I was probably, technically due for a new pair anyways.
Don't you love how I am justifying my wants needs to you?
Even though I am broke after massively over spending at Christmas (bring on January pay day!) - I decided to take advantage of the sales and buy a new pair of shoes.
I was completely in love with the last pair of Brooks Vapor stability shoes I bought so I wanted to get the same again; if not an upgrade.  I purchased my first official pair of running shoes from Runners Need in Kings Cross, where they could test my gait etc.

I phoned the Victoria store and they told me that they didn't have the Vapor in stock, but they did have the Adrenaline, which was the next level up.  They were also on sale!  Win ;)

Straight away I hopped on a bus and within 1hour I was on my way home again with my new shoes.  Aren't they pretty?
*Also, the sales girl put me on the treadmill and refit the shoes for me to make sure I was asking for the right shoe.  Turns out they support me perfectly and they would have recommended that shoe to me anyways.

As someone who doesn't usually get off on "sportswear" apparel; I actually do like the look of these shoes.

 I set out when it was slightly misty with rain outside.  The first few KM felt pretty rough with slight pain in my shins, however I got into the swing of things and was flying by the time I was on the home stretch.

There was also a really gnarly head wind, which I hate running in.  It makes me feel like I am in a nightmare.  You know the ones where you are trying to run, but you can't because something is holding you back?  Agghh.. awful.  I try to power through it but sometimes, its just too much.

Just another glorious photo of my new shoes and Nike thermal running tights.

So cute! For those of you who are wondering, I am a size 4 fashion shoe, size 5 running shoe and I am 5ft 7inches tall.  Go figure.  Yes, I do trip over a lot.  My feet are so not in proportion to my height.

This is the best stretch ever.  I could lay like this with my legs in the air for hours.  Oh and guess what?  No gross socks after this run!

How often do you change your running shoes?  Do you have a brand that you feel you want to be loyal to or do you just go with whatever fits you best?  Does price come into your decision?

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