Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Packing up for Christmas 2011

Friday before leaving for Christmas at Michelle's, I thought it was best to get some exercise done and dusted so I wouldn't feel too bad about what I was going to do over the next few rest days.

This means a lot of eating, drinking and being merry!  

Although the weather was warmer than usual, it was still too cold to go out how I wanted to.  Which would have been like this.  Sports bra, tights and shorts.  Remembering this is London, I had to throw my Nike running shirt on over the top.
I managed to find some hot pink running gloves!  My little hands just get so cold (almost frozen blue) these days while out running - no matter how hot and sweaty I feel.  Instead of spending 30mins at home recovering when I get back, my hands are kept warm throughout the run and are in good working order when I get back.  Winning! 

Although my pace was faster, I did have to take a few walk breaks.  This is why my distance was shorter and my time was better.  I am not ashamed of my walk breaks though, and you shouldn't be either! I busted my bottom doing some sprints and trying to pick my pace up.  It takes time to get back into good form :)

Next year I am going to enter a 5K and another 10K as I really want to get faster and feel that this would be the best way to motivate myself to train and push myself to reach my goals.

Can anyone else here relate to this picture? Gross isn't it.  My shoes are not doing good things for my feet these days and even though I got a pedicure the other day, something was still rubbing on my toes and this is the result.  Ewwww.... Runner girl problems though right?
I know you all have experienced the same thing!

Time to buy some new running shoes!  What are your favourite shoes?  Are you feet as sexy as mine after a good run?

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  1. Hey! Was just browsing your blog and wanted to comment on your picture with the bloody toes! As a runner who has had her fair share of bruised toe nails/ blisters and as an employee of a running store, I can tell you that one of the biggest contributors to such problems is wearing cotton socks! I can't tell from the picture if your socks are cotton or not, but that might be a good place to start. A synthetic blend running sock will do a much better job pulling moisture away from your feet so as to keep them dry and less prone to blistering.

    If not the sock, then you're probably wearing your shoes too short. It's important to size up with your running shoes as your feet tend to swell with the increase in activity and blood circulation. Hope this is helpful!