Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sunday walks & Christmas Dinner

Sunday morning (after finally getting out of bed at around 11am) I took Oscar and Riley for a walk to the local park.  Which just so happens to be quite a way away from home ;)
Exercise? Tick! Walk the dogs? Tick!

We did a couple of laps and then started to head home, knowing that I had to start with some baking pretty early on in the afternoon.

I have been wanting to make a pumpkin pie for a while and what better opportunity than to bake on a gloomy Sunday at home with your mates?

I started by making the pie crust with organic low fat unsalted butter and wholewheat flour.  I was trying to make this as healthy as possible!

 After following the directions on the can, this was the finished product.  I was itching to tuck into it, especially after being teased by a quick slice on Saturday from Whole Foods.  However, I had to wait until it was dessert time.

Doesn't the tree just look amazing?  I think we did such a good job.  Even the owl at the top looks happy :)

While I was making the pie, Robbie prepared a sweet potato and cheese mash.

Ahhh this pork roast is making my mouth water again as I type this! 

This was a nice cauliflower and broccoli dish baked with cheese

 Such a lovely dinner to share with my friends.  It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

It almost looks too good to eat doesn't it?

I only just managed to save some room for desert.  By the time I was done with everything you see here, I thought I couldn't continue.  BUT of course I managed to squeeze in a slice before bed!

I thought that Christmas this year would be difficult seeing as none of my immediate family will be here to share it with me.  However, I am so thankful to have such amazing friends around me.  I know it sounds really soppy, but honestly, I feel so lucky right now.
What are your plans for Christmas day? Do you spend all day with your family, eating, drinking and being merry?

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