Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tuesday night in Cambridge

As you know, on Tuesday I went to visit my mate Lil who runs a pub up near Cambridge.  I caught the train from Kings Cross and arrived just as the sun was disappearing for the day.

Lil picked me up from the station and we drove to her pub, The Three Black Birds.  I always find it really cool to be in a pub when it is closed.  Especially this pub.  It has the feeling of someones living room.  Very homely and a comfortable atmosphere.

Can I pull you a proper English Ale at all? (Man, I don't miss being on that side of the bar at all!)

The lovely upstairs separate dining area they had set up for a group of people coming in.

Lil whisking me something up (she is an amazing cook).  Jokes, she isn't actually whisking anything in that bowl :)

Perhaps I can deep fry something for you?  Gross I know.  But we were just being monkeys, playing around!

For dinner, two of Lil's friends joined us at another pub called The Plough.  I don't know what it is about English people, but every second pub over here is called The Plough.  Crazy!  The food was alright.  The atmosphere was better than the food.
Above was the share platter entree that we ordered. It had french onion soup, prawns, deep fried Camembert, cold meats and some kind of apricot and onion thing.  I forget!

This was the watermelon, rocket and feta salad that I had on the side of my main.

Fish cakes with homemade tartar sauce and a pathetic looking salad on the side.  They were not nearly as good as my homemade fishcakes!

Man it was super cold up there.  The air is so much crisper being away from London anyways :)  Oh and driving back, I saw stars out the window.  That is something I really miss about Australia.  The skies are so clear and there are stars almost every night.  There are too many clouds in London to see the stars....

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