Monday, 5 December 2011

Wednesday morning in the Cambridge countryside

Wednesday morning I woke up to a funny noise.  It was kind of a clicking noise and I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Lil must have known that I was trying to figure it out and she just mumbled "It's a horse walking past outside" and went back to sleep.  Awesome!  I have to say that is a first.  Being woken up that way was pretty cool :)

We got out of bed and decided to start the day with a nice long walk to work up our lunch appetites.

What a beautiful place hey?  Fresh air.  Walk in the fields.  Sun shining.  It was heaven.

I shared this photo on Instagram because it was just so picturesque and English.  The countryside is so easy to take good photos of.

We walked along the tree line on the right hand side of this photo.  There were horses just walking around and lots of mud.  If you remember, my outfit wasn't exactly the best for traipsing over the countryside... But it was fun all the same.

We just had to spend 10mins out the back of the pub scraping mud off my city boots when we got back :)

Lunch at The Three Black Birds started with warm bread and homemade garlic butter. 

I had the risotto from the menu and it was so warm and filling.  Perfect way to refuel after our long walk.

I hoped on the train to head back to London at around 2pm.  Then the packing had to start.  I hate moving.  It is honestly one of very few things I dislike doing... not even the fact that I am lifting boxes and being active all day can make up for the fact that I hate it.  Head down, bum up - just got to get on with it!

Do you hate moving?  How many times have you moved in your life?

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