Friday, 30 December 2011

Wednesday recovery run and second day of "resuming normal eating habbits"

Wednesday morning I tried to stay in bed for as long as possible.  Usually I like to get up and moving fairly early.  You know, once the alarm goes off I leap out of bed; but I am determined to take a more relaxed approach to getting out of bed over this holiday period.

Once out of bed I had my usual breakfast and caught up on reading a few blogs that I missed over the Christmas weekend.   I put some washing on, fed the boys and then got ready to take them for a walk.

It was my plan to go for a quick jog on my own first and then take the boys for a walk to recover when I was done. My shins started to hurt a little on this run - was not very pleasant at all.  I was also burping my breakfast for at least the first 10mins.  Ewww...

We just did a few loops of the neighbourhood, alternating between jogging and walking.  Another HIIT workout for the little guys! Congratulations! 

This was the result.  My plan worked.  They were so tired wen we got back, they just wanted to lounge around on the floor and not move for a few hours.  Success!

While the two moustaches were on the floor, I completed the above ab workout which can be found on my FAQ page.  It was a killer.  Take that Christmas dinner.  You know you wont be hanging around too much longer ;)

After working out, I took the opportunity to head to the local shopping centre to both suss the bargains and buy some new food supplies for the house.  It was packed and once I did a quick lap, I was keen to get outta there!

Dinner was a cheap and easy salad.

Lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, chicken with lemon and herb etc.  I also squeezed a tiny bit of light mayonnaise on the side as well because.  Well.  I do love a good salad and mayo.

I am really enjoying getting back to a normal routine of eating and exercising.  Although I have not had the opportunity to lift weights, running is really good "me time" and to be honest, I feel like I need the cardio right now.  Nothing better than sweating it out and huffing and puffing everywhere right?

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