Sunday, 18 December 2011

Work Christmas party and recovery

Thursday night I had my work Christmas Party in Camden.  It was a masquerade ball and the dress code was "elegant".  As you might know, I don't really do "elegant" so I had to make the most of what I had in my wardrobe.  This mean short and tight! Thankfully, I wasn't the only one that was wearing something along those lines and I ended up feeling a little over dressed.

My mask was leopard print (are you surprised?) and this went perfectly with my leopard wedge booties.
This is the beautiful Janine and I before the crazy went down!

Everyone got completely hammered.  I always think its funny that people take such advantage of the free alcohol and end up being way more drunk than they are supposed to be. Don't get me wrong, I drank my fair share of booze as well, however was not nearly as drunk as 90% of the other people working there.

Either way, it made for a good gossip on Friday with everyone!  I was so tired.  By the time 3pm came around I had gone from being bouncy and alive to pretty much holding my head up with my hands. 

Thankfully Friday is a short day and we all got to leave at 4:30pm.  YAY!

Saturday morning I felt the need to go for a run.  Honestly, with missing my exercise on Thursday and Friday, I was chomping at the bit to get sweaty on Saturday.  I rugged up and went for a run.

 The temperature was around 2degrees so once again I pulled on my long socks and hoodie.  I love matching when I exercise.  Even when I know the run is going to be a painful one haha

This is my fluffy keyring sticking out of the back of my running Capris.  Ryan told me that I looked like a bunny and who knows what would follow me home!

It actually looks a lot warmer than it was.  My hands were freezing when I got home and it took me a good 30mins to feel normal again.

I was pretty surprised at my pace because I felt pretty darn gnarly while I was out and about.  Perhaps the few hundred people I ran past encouraged me to run faster.  I always feel like I need to step up the pace a little if I run past someone so perhaps the constant stream of people walking the Thames Path actually helped?

This stretch is becoming favorite my after running stretch.  Man, it feels so good! Especially for my poor little broken feet/legs.  It is most definitely time for new shoes and I am on the search for a new pair to give to myself from Santa.

After my run I refuelled with some Fage 0% Greek yogurt, dark chocolate chips, prunes and agave nectar.  Oh and around 5 episodes of Friends while catching up on blogging things.

Tonight we are having an early night.  First we are off to see the new Sherlock Holmes at the cinema (so excited about that!) and then we are home to chill out and relax.  Just what I need after 2 late nights.  

Are you embracing the festive season? How are you managing to keep up with your exercise?

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