Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The best scrambled eggs ever..

Day two of my new fitness program made me feel amazing.  My arms were absolutely burning from yesterdays fresh start and also the BodyRock I completed when I got home.  I love that feeling though.  It was one of my original goals to be able to complete push ups on my toes and yesterday I believe I did more than 100 in total.  Stoked!

Tuesday WOD
5mins cross trainer, random, level 14 warm up

Incline DB press & Military press
Cable cross over L2 & push ups on medicine ball
Overhead squats & jackknife sit up
Side lateral raise & standing upright row & burpees

I was supposed to do a few tricep dips and knee raises, but I ran out of time and knew that I was going to be kicking it at the gym after work.

I completed roughly 5kms with an incline that never went below 3.  My shins are still sore and I am trying to take it easy - the incline helps.

Ass to the wall.  Legs in the air.  That's how I roll.  Again, if you are not on board with this stretch - I dare you to try it after a nice run :)

Dinner was a bit of a mash up of sorts.  Ryan had only just arrived at home and mentioned that he had made some scrambled eggs.  I piggy backed that idea and made some of my own.  

2 full eggs with roughly 3 egg whites with a dash of soy milk and cheese in the mix.  Winner!

On the side I had a handful of blueberries, celery with hummus, celery with cottage cheese and celery with peanut butter (for desert).  Very tasty!  I ended up eating some of the eggs with cottage cheese because the mix was mouthwatering.  As a drink I had a Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer.   It has roughly 20calories.  Don't judge me.  It reminds me of home ;)

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