Saturday, 21 January 2012

BodyRock 30 day challenge - Day 1 Fit Test

Saturday morning I decided to complete the BodyRock.Tv fit test at the start of their 30 day challenge.  The idea of this is that you train with them 5 days a week (weekends off!) and then of course, you can check your progress in a months time and see how much you have improved since day one.

I think that this is a great idea for all of you who are looking for something to help you get motivated.  Honestly, I love BodyRock.Tv and would really like all of you to have a go at this if you can!  Their daily workouts are usually less than 20mins long (excluding warm up/cool down stretching) so there are not many excuses that work here.  Surely, most people can make time for 20-30mins in their day for exercise right? ;)

The fit test is made up of the below exercises.  50seconds on and 10 seconds rest.
Squat Jump - 32
Push Ups - 22
Burpees - 13
High Knees - 136
Switch Lunges - 22
Tuck Jumps - 18
Straight Abs - 31

I think that my results here are appalling and I almost considered not posting them on here.  I used to BodyRock pretty much every day and with all my life changes recently and having to move, BodyRock.Tv has taken a back seat.  Well, if ever there was motivation - here it is.  I need to get back to what I was.  No mucking around!  I am embarrassed that I only completed 136 high knees when I used to be able to power through 50 seconds and still feel strong at the end.

But, this is now my new starting point and hopefully I can get back to the same level of fitness fairly quickly.  With the right attitude, determination and motivation - I am going to smash this fit test in 30 days time.  Anyone else fancy a challenge?

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