Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chilly Tuesday

What a beautiful start to a frosty Tuesday morning.  The sunrise in London does not have a patch on what Sydney has to offer however, this is a pretty good effort.  Right?

Work is still pretty chilled this week.  I have managed to get my list of things to do down to a somewhat manageable amount, so I won't have a heart attack any time soon.  I hope!

I am still feeling very out of a routine right now.  I am loving where I am living and my wonderful friends, however living out of a suitcase is getting a little bit much.  I feel like I have been wearing the same clothes for months.  Which I have.  And I feel like I need more time in the morning to work out or even after work.  Since I have started going to the gym after work again, it means I don't get home till late.  Hopefully I will be able to sort myself out in the next few weeks and start moving forwards again :)

10mins cross trainer, random, level 14

Push ups 5 x 8 reps
Tricep press at 12kg
Cable 1 arm extension with L3 and L4
Tricep push down with 21kg
Incline DB curl with 8kg
Alternate DB curl with 10kg
BB curl 21's with 10kg
3 x 15 toe touches with medicine ball

After work:  4.29kms, 30mins, 108 meters climbed.
For some reason my shins were not sore when jogging on an incline so I made the most of it tonight! The incline never went below 3 and my speed stayed above 8 for the most of it.  I had to stop once because my towel fell off the treadmill and once I had hurdled over it on the way down, I then had to pick it up from the floor so no one else trod on it.  I think that must have looked pretty funny, to be honest!

Dinner was chicken similar to this recipe I posted a little while back.  Thank goodness for a quick and easy George Foreman Grill!  Steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower on the side.  Seasoned with salt and pepper of course!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on a treadmill?

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