Sunday, 8 January 2012

Is it ok to wear a leather skirt to work? YES!

This year I have decided that I would like to pay more attention to my appearance, especially at work.  I always make sure that I look nice, but this year I would like to take pride and take risks in what I wear.  I would like to make sure every day when I leave my room, I can look in the mirror and feel confident.

I am lucky enough to be able to wear whatever I want to work so this should be fairly easy.... Right?  I actually think that this isn't a problem with my clothes, I just need to wash my hair more often ;) I always feel manky when I have my hair up in a pony tail.  This is roughly 2-3 days per week!

Do you have to wear a certain "look" to work?  Do you take risks with what you wear every day?

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  1. I wear my leather skirt to work almost every week so I certainly think they are an appropriate wardrobe item when worn just as you would any classic piece in your closet. In my opinion it is important that you never forget that you are styling a leather skirt though. Always be sure to pair it with easy companions that "tone down" the exotic nature of a leather skirt. In other words, the skirt is sexy enough in its own right, it doesn't need any additional help at the office.