Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Last days of January

So how was everyone's weekend?  Mine was fantastic.  Thanks for asking :)

Friday night I met Michelle at Euston and we caught the train up to her house in Hemel, which if you remember, is where I spent Christmas 2011.  We went to a friends gig on the Friday night, which was awesome.  Good music and company with loads of dancing around at the end of the night.  
Michelle and Sarah - looking beautiful as always.

Sarah and I with my creepy hand.  We had the giggles all night and we especially loved singing and dancing along to "close but no cigar".  Memories of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater II anyone?

The rest of the weekend was great and I didnt want to go home on Sunday.  Well, I was supposed to come home on Saturday, but I put it off until Sunday.  Boo!

Monday morning I was raring to go at the gym.  I didn't exercise at all over the weekend so I was more than keen to get sweaty.

Monday WOD
5mins rower, Level 10, warm up

Bent over row & mountain climbers
Alternating DB bicep & dips
Bent over BB row & weighted situps
Tricep overhead & air bike
Wide grip lat pulldown & underhand pulldown
Tricep pulldwn & mountain climbers

After work:  5km, 30mins, incline never below level 4

How random is my sweat patch this evening?  It is almost a perfectly round circle.  Strange.  Must have looked pretty funny while I was treading away.

Dinner was a random mix up of everything.  Celery, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, peanut butter and some of Michelle's amazing chutney.  Home made of course!

 Unfortunately this was the end of my first jar of chutney, so it was a sad night.  I am going to have to ask Michelle to make some more up soon so I never have to go without.

I think I am obsessed with scrambled eggs right now.  Is that a bad thing?  Oh and peanut butter.... still.

Tuesday WOD
5mins Rower, Level 10, warm up

Incline DB press & military press
Cable cross over & weighted situps
Weighted squats & air bike
Side lateral raise & standing upright row & burpees

After work:  22min walking incline with Janine and then a few weights afterwards.  Plus a nice long stretch.

When I wear this t shirt at the gym when I am a) feeling frumpy and b) need some motivation.  It worked.  My shouders are burning from those incline presses.

Diner was similar to Monday's with the addition of a banana and some greek yogurt for desert.

Now I am watching some TV with Ryan and putting my feet up.....

How did you start the week? Off with a bang or are you easing yourself into it?

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