Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Making the change from KM to MI

Saturday morning I made the decision to change my Nike + application from kms to miles.  Big call -  I know.  But I figured, I lot of the internet community on both Tumblr and other blogs use miles and refer to their pace times in miles so it makes it easier to judge where I am at with my progress etc.

For example, the amazing Skinny Runner can run a marathon with a pace under 7:30min per mile.  That is insanely fast for me and I am sure I could only bust out a few miles at that pace, before crippling over and dying.

 So as you can see, my pace for the mere 3.35miles I did on Saturday was around 8:38per mile.  This wasn't a push for me and I feel like I could have gone faster, however I experienced some pain in my left calf muscle and there was a totally gnarly head wind.  Again.  I am so sick of running into the wind! However, in saying that, I haven't had a dream that I was struggling to move for a while...

You know I spent 10mins in this position when I got back from my run.  I swear by it.  Ass to the wall.  Feet in the air.  You need to get on this bandwagon if you are a runner ;) Trust me!

Lunch today was another tuna, cucumber and light mayonnaise pressed sandwich.  On the side was more cucumber, cherry tomatoes and light cottage cheese.   I actually ate two of the toasted sandwiches.  I was a hungry hungry hippo!

Later in the evening I made some Chocolate Protein Muffins for the week ahead.  They are always a winner in my book and I hope that Robbie and Ryan love them as well!

 Dinner was a smoothie ;)  Oh how I have missed you!  Just before Christmas I made a trip to my storage unit and while picking up a few other things, I bought my smoothie maker back to the house as well.  Agghhh.... heaven!  My smoothie was an old favorite.

1 small banana
4 ice cubes
Alpro light soy milk
1T Whole earth crunchy organic peanut butter
1T Agave nectar
1 scoop PHD protein powder
1t Flax seeds

Right... Now to get on with the day ;)

What is your favorite after run stretch?  Do you make sure you take the time to stretch after every workout?

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