Monday, 23 January 2012

New Gym Program

Ahh yesterday was a very gloomy day in my head.  I went out with Michelle and Jayne to a cute cocktail bar in Hoxton Square.  To say I was hung over the next day is an understatement.  It was awful.  Felt like I was dying.  Lesson learned here - never make friends with the bartenders at a cocktail bar ;)

This was AFTER I managed to get myself home from Michelle's house and feel slightly normal.  Bleh.  Never again!  I don't really drink a lot but I guess the quantity got away from me as the drinks were so tasty!

So after sleeping what felt like a mega 10 hours, I managed to get myself up and presentable for work.
WARNING:  This skirt is tighter than it looks.
I was walking like a penguin most of the day and was even offered a gentleman's hand to get me onto the train this morning.  Ahh.. If it wasn't such an amazing skirt - I wouldn't bother :)  You can see details of this outfit here.

WOD Monday
5mins rower, level 5, warm up

Wide grip lateral pull down & under hand pull down with 28kg
Seated cable row with 21kg & jack knife sit up
Bent over BB row with 10kg & mountain climbers
Alternate DB bicep curl with 10kg & tricep dips
Preacher curl with 15kg & push ups
Tricep push down with 21kg & mountain climbers
Tricep overhead with 12kg & air bike sit ups

This workout was just what I needed! A change up in routine and some more active rests to keep my heart rate up between sets.  Bring on tomorrow.

When I got home, I completed a 12min BodyRock workout as well.  I was supposed to stay behind at the gym to complete an incline walking workout, but decided against it as I just wanted to get home.  I will post my scores for the BodyRock workout separately.

I have been lifting heavier for a good few months now and really feel like I have built up a good base of muscle.  I am feeling strong and looking strong, especially in my shoulders and arms.  This week I am cleaning up my diet and hope to trim down over the next few weeks.

I want this to be a slow process and I am prepared to do what it takes.  So keep checking in to see how I am going with my workouts and the addition of more HIIT/BodyRock/Treadmill type workouts.

I love getting sweaty.  Do you?

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