Friday, 24 February 2012

The downhill run to the weekend....

And before we know it, it is Friday again!  For someone who was losing their motivation at the last weekend, it is well and truly back this week.

To kick things off, I ordered some more protein powder from a great website called Muscle Finesse on Monday and the order was delivered on Tuesday.  Since I moved out of my old flat in early December, spending £50 on decent protein powder hasn't exactly been at the top of my priority list.  I have however, really missed drinking it as a shake and including it in my meals (breakfast oats, smoothies, pancakes etc).

I decided to start using a protein powder to help with muscle recovery.  I am not as young as I once was and I used to feel really sore after working out, when I first re-started my healthy lifestyle.  I believe it is a great addition to my diet, however I do recommend doing some research on what is best for you before incoprorating it into your own diet/supplementation.

I decided to order 1kg of chocolate orange and 1kg of vanilla cream (mostly for cooking).  Not only has it really helped with my motivation to work harder at the gym but it has also helped me with my food cravings as I can have a shake in the morning and in the afternoon.  I definitely feel satisfied for a few hours after each one and only really snack on fruit or other small things if needed.

Yes, I felt like a boy at the gym today.  Bruised legs, stanky lifting gloves (which I realised I haven't washed once), lifting diary and a whole lotta sweat!
Wednesday WOD
15mins cross trainer, random, level 14, mostly a warm up but more intense towards the end.
*It told me I burned 234 calories....I don't believe it but yay.

Laying leg curls + 30 mountain climbers
Seated calf raise + leg press
Leg extensions + mountain climbers
Barbell walking lunges + 100 skips

Dinner tonight was a wonderful chicken casserole type thing with steamed greens on the side.  You bet I went back for seconds.  Thanks Robbie!

Thursday WOD
10mins cross trainer, level 14, random, warm up

Wide grip assisted pull ups
Seated row + weighted sit ups
DB bench press + 100 skips
Lat pull down + under hand pull down + mountain climbers
Hammer curls

Tonight we were treated to a lovely dinner through work.  It was a great opportunity for us to spend some time together with some contacts we have in Asia.

The pub we went to was pretty swanky, yet still quite English.  This usually means loads of gravy, potatoes, mayonnaise, fatty bits and pieces and a feeling that you are completely stuffed afterwards.

Not for me though :)

I opted for the chicken salad with avocado, lettuce, feta, watermelon, chili, pomegranate and the aoli dressing on the side.  Good thing I asked for the dressing on the side - there was probably around 12 table spoons of dressing that ended up on someone else's salad!  Eeeeeekk!!

I also shared some roasted root veggies with Janine as a little bit of something warm along side the salad.  They did not look super attractive but they were very tasty.

Janine and I also split a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream at the end of the night.  We both felt like something sweet, but didn't want to order a whole plate to ourselves.
You bet we ate it before I had a chance to take a photo.

So, while everyone else was moaning about how full they were - I was content.  I love that feeling and always feel like I have done well with my food choices when that happens.  I was bought up not to waste food.  Ever.  So I try to be mindful with what I can actually fit in (realistically) and what I will feel like I don't want to waste.

My mother always bought me up being mindful that that there are other people in the world, less fortunate, that didn't have an option as to whether or not they wanted to eat their sprouts.  We were also not allowed to eat dessert or leave the table until we had finished the good food that was on our plates.

I am glad my mother tried to instill certain "good practises" into my life and some I still use today.

What are some things your mother always used to tell you to do?
Did you whinge as a child about having to do certain chores etc, but are now happy that you were raised to have those values?


  1. So I used to hate my mum telling me to floss and as soon as I moved out of the house, I pretty much stopped flossing. Well, 3 cavities and a huge dental bill later, I see she was right. :)

  2. I love your shirt! I've been thinking a lot about protein powder and I'm starting to do my research on what would be best for me. What do you put in your shakes other than powder?