Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I was featured on Skinny Runner!

Ahh what an awesome Tuesday! I certainly woke up on the right side of the bed this morning ;)
My Monday blues mood was gone and I felt somewhat ready to tackle the day.  Also, seeing that my blog was being featured on Skinny Runner was such a great way to start.

Thank you SR for the mention! You are such an inspiration and I am so stoked to have been able to of been a part of your blog.

Tuesday WOD
Cross trainer, level 14, random, warm up
Incline DB press & DB military shoulder press
Cable cross over & medicine ball push ups
Side lateral raise & standing upright row & burpees
Tricep dips & knee raises

When I was heading back to the change rooms after lifting, I managed to walk right into the dip station (you can see the bump and bruise already coming up under my knee up there).
It was so painful and felt like someone had kicked me in the shin - I had to suck it up and powered through to the change rooms without showing any sign of weakness.
Just kidding.  I clutched at my leg, dropped the F* bomb and limped away.  Not happy at all.

After work:  Jogging on treadmill, roughly 30mins, incline never below 1.5.
I accidentally pressed the emergency stop button.  So annoying! It got me all out of whack and I was on track for a fairly decent time on a lazy 5km... but after that my mojo disappeared and I just ended up finishing the run as best I could.

This time after the gym I actually put my clothes back on (which are warmer than sweat soaked capri's and tank top) for the trip home.  It was stanky and sweaty, but much warmer than trying to brave the cold right now.  Noted.  This will happen from now on!  No more attempting to get home in wet clothes... that just plain sucks!

Dinner tonight was scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, celery, celery and peanut butter and some of Michelle's chutney.  Very tasty and hit the spot after a day of average eating.  There was a birthday at work so that means there were loads of treats and sugary things that I pigged out on.

I am off to go get some foam rolling done now.  Honestly, my roller is the best thing I ever spent money on.

Do you roll?  How often and do you have any tricks and tips for a new roller like myself?


  1. I saw your blog over on SR and wanted to stop in and say hi and comment that I love the philosophy that you can't put your life on hold while you are trying to get healthy and lose weight. I definitely need to remind myself of that more often!!!

  2. Saw your Cat Lady blog shout out on Skinny Runner. Nice blog!!

  3. I found you today on SR! I used to blog, but recently quit for some personal reasons, but hope to do it again soon! Love your blog!

  4. Hi, I saw your mention on SR and am so happy to have discovered your blog. I am always looking for new blogs about healthy living (especially running) and I love that you live in London! I used to live there and miss it SO much. I have added you to my favs so I can live vicariously through you in England.

  5. Hey popped in from SR will follow you for sure. Congrats on the weightloss! Did you try to eat more protein less carbs when you were losing?

  6. I also saw you on SR!
    Way to go! Your blog is great! Thank you for sharing! We all appreciate you and your shares!

  7. Saw you on skinnyrunner!!! I like your blog!!!