Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Moving and Monday

Well what a weekend that turned out to be! Moving is never enjoyable no matter how easy you try and make it with pre-planning and help. But...we are all moved into the new place now and can get our routines kick started etc. The only bad thing is that we don't have internet installed just yet. This could be a few weeks away :(

So.... as an experiment I am trying to post from my iPhone. Wish me luck :)

These little guys (Oscar and Riley) were a bit confused with the move.  They still are not sure why we are in a new house, but all the familiar furniture and things are around them!

A lovely quiet peaceful view!

Monday WOD
5mins cross trainer, random level 14, warm up

Wide grip lateral pull down & underhand pull down
One arm DB row & dips
Seated row & weighted sit ups
Alternating bicep curls & air bike
Tricep pull down & mountain climbers
Overhead tricep

After work: Ran roughly 5.5 km on treadmill. Incline never below 2. Speeds between 9 and 13.

It felt great to be in the gym again after 4 days off. Thursday (which I booked off as annual leave from work) I was able to get some cardio in on a cross trainer as well as some machine weights, but that just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I need something more!!

After the gym I started the trek home back to Earlsfield. I haven't had to go through Waterloo train station in my commute for a while and I must say it was a nice change. Some people in London hate the commute to work and get all stuffy when going through crowded places. My thoughts are, we are all trying to get to the same end result. Just get on with it, relax and maybe the trip won't seem so bad :)

I got home around 8pm and Robbie Has dinner already prepared. Talk about timing! It was a lovely home made chicken dish with a homemade sauce. Everything low fat, reduced salt etc. and boy was it tasty!!

Well after a late night on Sunday night (always the way before the work week starts isn't it?!) I am off to wash my hair, blow dry my hair and get into bed!

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