Thursday, 1 March 2012

29th Birthday Weekend

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence.  It was my birthday on Monday so as per traditional form, I started celebrations on Saturday ;)

The girls at work decorated my desk on Friday while I was getting a morning coffee.  So sweet, yet so annoying at the same time.  I still have glitter all over my desk and it is almost one full week later... I can't wait to get you back on your own Birthdays!

I will start this post with details from Friday's workout.  I had the opportunity to receive a sports massage on Friday during lunch time from our therapist here at work.  I had been told that the therapist we have here at work is amazing and only charges £20 for 30mins.  As soon as the free appointment was announced; I jumped at the chance to take the place. 

I spent my 30mins with her, going over the pains in my shins and also now, in my calf muscles.  She helped to massage the soreness away and recommended that I ice my shins around 3-4 times per day.  Knowing this isn't really possible at work (we have the smallest fridge ever, so there is no chance of me being able to put an ice pack in a freezer!) she recommended I buy some freeze gel from the drugstore to rub in when I have the chance.

I felt amazing afterwards and will go back for more sports massage in the future.

Friday WOD
20mins elliptical trainer, level 14, random
**I really pushed on the second 10mins for this cardio.  I was soo sweaty when I hopped off!
3 x 10 assisted dips
3 x 10 preacher curls + mountain climbers + weighted sit ups
3 x 20 seated calf raise + leg press
Planks and stretches to finish off

As I was busy getting a massage at lunch time, I had to complete this workout after work.  I didn't feel like hanging around too much, but did just want to get something in as I knew I would be off for the next few days.

Now I wont lie - the only exercise I did on Saturday was a LOAD of dancing in heels at The Book Club in Shoreditch!!

We had such a great night.  Everyone was in a great mood, the drinks were flowing, the music was fantastic and overall - It was a great success!
This is me and my amazing friend Dee, who I haven't seen in quite a while.  I was so happy that he could come out with Paul and some other friends for the occasion.  It made me feel super special.

However, not as special as Michelle and I look in this photo ;)  I believe that most of the photos captured of Michelle and I, really depict our BFF relationship well!  This one cracks me up and I love it.

Ahhhh a great night of 5 in the bed, cake and the morning after.  Wow.

I am very lucky to have acquired such great friends during my time here in London.  I really miss my mates back home however the new friends I have made here make my time away so much more bearable.

Thank you to everyone who made my weekend special.  29 is going to be a great year for me.  I can feel it!

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