Thursday, 22 March 2012

6 more days of work left... until I am on HOLIDAY!

On Tuesday this week I was lucky enough to have a visitor for lunch.  Since Michelle wasn't at work she decided to swing past on her way home from cleaning her old house.  It was so nice to show her around my work building so then when I talk about things at home - she knows exactly what I am referring to!

I had a jacket potato with tuna and cheese for lunch and it was probably one of the best things that I have had from that canteen..... Kidding.  No, actually totally serious. It wasn't covered in oil or some other mysterious substance and the tuna was quite fresh as well.  I will definitely be going back for more of those.... when I am desperate!

Tuesday's WOD
10min on cross trainer warm up

Today was a bit of a circuit style workout since I was in a rush to meet my sister for dinner.  I completed a few rounds of each of the following exercises:

Arnold punch, goblet lunges, single leg hip raises, walk out push ups,
Bulgarian split jumps, bicep curls, lying chest press

After my workout I rushed down to Kings Cross to meet my sister for dinner at Pizza Express.  We both had one of their "under 500 calorie" pizzas and then a coffee for dessert.  I am not usually one for an after dinner coffee, but because it came with a small treat and baileys, I was bang up for it.

I didn't take a picture of the pizza because I was so hungry and by the time I remembered, I had eaten half of it.  Oops.

It kinda looked something like this though.

On Wednesday I woke up feeling the itch to go for a run again.  I ran on Monday so I thought; my legs have had a rest, why not head out again today. 

I felt like going for a pretty easy run so instead of doing my usual park loop with hils so I ran up to Barnett and back again.
 To be honest, even with this small distance I had to stop a few times.  My fitness desperately needs to be worked on after not running with my injury.  It is so frustrating, but also exciting because with each and every run I feel myself getting better again.  It is a slow process, but I will get there.

Wednesday WOD
10mins on cross trainer warm up (legs felt a little tight from my earlier run)

Dead lifts, upright row, single leg raises, rotational push ups,  BB front squats,
reverse lunges

Man, I really need to work on my technique.  I am lucky enough to have one of the guys at the gym help me out here and there, but I just feel so stupid sometimes with regard to these new exercises.  I think I should probably book in to spend some time with a trainer so then I can focus on good form and start changing my weights around more..

Usually I am quite confident when lifting, but today for some reason I felt like someone who has no idea.  I need to fix this ASAP!  Might do some research on YouTube as well just to give myself a bit of an edge.

For dinner we cooked some steamed veggies (using our colander and a big pot of boiled water) and super easy chicken on our George Foreman grill.

So nice to have a "home style cooked meal" again.  After enjoying Pizza Express on Tuesday night my body was craving veggies.  I am glad we utilised a "steamer" as I felt microwaving the veggies would get rid of all the goodness I was craving.

This chicken is so easy and I really recommend giving it a go at home if you can.  Michelle thought that it was a winner and we both cleared our plates. 

Do you guys research technique on YouTube before you head to the gym? How are you learning to improve your technique, if not with a personal trainer?

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