Thursday, 15 March 2012

Feeling a bit foggy?

Why hello there!  What day is it today?  Oh, that's right.  Thursday isn't it?!!  Somewhere along the line I have missed yet another day.  This is just another one of those weeks that is flying by.

The lead up to this week has included:
My 29th Birthday
A surprise trip to Paris

Now this weekend I am moving into a little flat with my mate Michelle.
Then next weekend I have my sister's hens night.
Then the following weekend I am off to Cape Town.
Then the weekend after that I am off to Germany.

Is it any wonder the time is flying past so quickly?  I seem to not have a second to scratch myself these days - but there could be worse problems to have, right? ;)

So, lets just go back a a day to Wednesday.  Right.  Well, from the new workout I started on Tuesday, my body felt very sore.  It was a good sore though and I really felt like I could get stuck into the new workout of the day.  Which looked a little something like this:

Arnold punch
Goblet stationary lunges
Lying hip raises
Travelling hand walkouts
Bicep curls
Single weight DB squats
Lying chest presses

I completed the above circuit 3 times.  Next time I will try to complete 4 times, but as I was making sure my form was good and checking the weights to use, it took me a little bit longer than usual.  
I really loved the travelling hand walkouts.  I feel stronger already!

A bit of stretching to finish off and then back to work.  For lunch I had a salad from the canteen along with a PHD Diet Whey protein shake.  They are so tasty and I usually just have one scoop with water.  It is almost like a desert for me as the flavor I have (Chocolate Orange) is nice and sweet and makes me think I am drinking a "not so good for you" milk shake.

When I finished work, I went for a quick 2mile loop around the block as my body was craving a bit of a stretch/a little something something.  Nothing special here except for my two tone legs.

Attractive? NO
Feeling strong? YES

I owned that hill and even raced a cyclist the last third.  I totally won.  As if they knew we were racing and all....  Come on.  You know how it is!

Now, this morning I woke up and my body felt slightly like how London looked.  Foggy.  My glutes and hamstrings were soooo sore from the dead lifts on Tuesday and Wednesday's squats.  Man, talk about walking slightly off.  

It took me twice as long to get down the hill to the station, yet, funnily enough, I still managed to scale the stairs two at a time on the way up to the platform.  Weird huh? 

My workout for today was 20mins on the cross trainer.  Honestly, sitting down allll day really makes my legs feel like cr*p.  They were sore to start with, but after a few hours of sitting down in the same position, they felt like they were frozen in place.  I had a horrible thought that it was just me getting old.... But no.  It was my killer workouts for the week so far.

I managed to get around 10mins of stretching in before heading back to work for the afternoon.  I think my body felt normal for around 1hour, ha!

So tonight I am at home packing my things into a suitcase and getting ready for the move on Saturday.  This little guy is helping me.  Well, when I say helping, I mean laying there yawning and rolling around on every single thing I put onto the bed.  Cheers Oscar.  Just what I needed ;)

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