Sunday, 11 March 2012

I'm back!

Well, after what feels like forever - I am finally back at home!  The last few weeks have been manic, to say the least and I have not been able to get into any kind of routine at all.

If you remember, last weekend I was in Paris for my good friend Robbie's Birthday.
The weekend before that I pretty much moved into my best friend Michelle's house for MY Birthday.

The week nights have been filled with gigs, running errands and catching up with people.  Also, the big news is that Michelle and I found a cute little flat to move into!!  This means that I will no longer be living with Robbie, Ryan and the boys but, I will be so much closer to work and I wont have to spend so much time away from home catching up with Michelle as we will be living together!

We are moving on Saturday and I am very excited about having a routine back again - not to mention, having all my things around me and not living out of a suitcase.  I will have loads more time in the morning and after work to exercise and also, more time to put into this blog.  This blog is such a passion of mine - so I hope you all still like reading it!

I spent last night at home with the boys.  Ryan is away right now and Robbie was at work, so we just chilled on the couch and then went to bed.
P.s thanks to you both for keeping me up all night.  It's a good thing you are cute!

This morning I laced up my running shoes in the hopes of putting away a few miles before starting the day.  I was a bit worried as although I have been taking a break from running to rest my shin splints, I spent all of last weekend walking around in Paris with shoes that were probably not the most appropriate.  

Also, check out my bruise?!  This is from the band that Michelle and I went to see on Wednesday night.  I swear, I am way too old for that...

My run felt good.  The pace I managed to hold felt steady however I did have to have a 10second rest break while running up the hill near my house.  When I completed my "lap" I used a nice flat street to finish off with some sprints.  I didn't want to push myself too hard - but I still wanted to get my sweat on.  

It is such a tough call sometimes; knowing when enough is enough.  I didn't want to hurt my shins, and I know that I am not as fit as I used to be (due to a number of reasons and also my forced rest from running to allow myself to get better).
It took all I had, not to really kill myself today.  Hopefully it pays off!

 When I returned home I completed the above two ab workouts and some push ups.  You can download the Ab Workout from the App Store and also see more information about it here.  I always feel like I have had a good workout when I feel the burn!

So I am off to eat some oats, ice my shins and catch up on a LOAD of blog stuff that is long overdue.  Australia's Next Top Model is on... to be honest, its making me homesick!
Any time I hear Aussie accents, it makes me miss home.... so yes, if you are wondering, I get homesick watching Bondi Rescue, Bondi Vet and Aussie Border Patrol.

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