Monday, 12 March 2012

Spring is in the air

Well wasn't the weather just amazing yesterday in London? I hope you guys managed to make the most of it, just like I did.

After getting up early, going for a run and doing some admin type things on my computer - I decided to chill out at home until it was time to go and meet up with Robbie and Alison for a meal at Ben's Canteen.

I got Oscar and Riley ready for the walk to Clapham and we set off around 3:30pm to get there at 4pm ish.  The walk there is around just under a mile so by the time we got there, we were all itching for a drink.  Water for the boys and a London Meantime for me!

We got a lovely table out on the sidewalk where we could enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine while it lasted.

For dinner I opted for the Super Food Salad, over a roast.  Since I had such a nice healthy start to the day, I didn't feel like loading up for the evening with a nut roast, which is usually what I go for over lamb, pork or chicken.

The super food salad was amazing as per usual and of course, I ordered with some grilled chicken on top for that extra protein kick.

When it was time to head home, we tried to call a taxi to take us back as there was a definite chill in the air and we were all knackered.  Unfortunately, taxi's don't appear to take puppies so we ended up walking back home as well.  Such a lovely way to let the meal go down and also, stretch the legs again after this mornings run.

 This morning I got up and decided to hit the gym early for a bit of a canter before work.  I completed the above distance and climbed around 137 meters.
I am still running on a slight incline because I
a) love the burn in my legs and
b) it is just easier on my shins right now.  Winning twice, right?

I think the pace is a little off, using the Nike + application inside - but it is still nice to see a few more miles under my belt.  Not long now until I reach 200miles on this app!  Very exciting. I know I have run more than that, since I started running, but it is still nice to have a little mile stone to look forward to hitting.

Lunch today was yet another salad (seems like spring is in the air, even at work in the air conditioned office!) so after a trip to Tesco, I threw together a bistro salad, some avocado, light dressing and some cold ready to eat light chicken.  Man, it was so tasty and filled me up for a few hours.  

I put the information through MyFitnessPal and it said that the whole meal was less than 300 calories.  It still blows me away how much you can eat in a day, that is GOOD food, and be under your calorie goal - whatever that might be.

Honestly, why would you want to go to MacDonalds or KFC and eat your whole calorie allowance in one sitting?  That does not sound appealing to me at all!

Oh and by the way, it hurts to laugh after my ab exercises yesterday.  Man.... I LOVE THE BURN!!

Do you love the burn?  What did you do in the glorious weather in London yesterday?


  1. Totally random question, ever been to the London Philharmonic? The woman next to us Saturday night couldn't stop talking about it.

    Nothing smolders quite like an ab burn. One of the best sensations there is...

  2. Hi there! No sorry, never been :) Unfortunately the Orchestra isnt really my thing.. I am sure it is lovely though !