Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tuesday's WOD

Tuesday morning I was able to get Michelle out of bed to join me for a run! She rode her bike next to me, which was a great way for me to keep a faster pace.  I am still feeling really unfit and my shins have been giving me a bit of grief (still!) - so overall I was pretty happy that I put away over 5km in 30mins.

Tuesday WOD
20mins on cross trainer
DB flys + bench press
Lateral raises + tricep dips

I love the DB flys and for today I used 6kg each hand and completed 3 lots of 10 reps.  I really miss lifting the heavier weights and I look forward to getting stuck into it when I return from Cape Town.

Dinner was a heated up veggie patty, scrambled egg whites (one whole egg and 3 egg whites), steamed veggies and some chutney on the side.  Yummo!

You better believe I did some foam rolling when I got home.  Ahhhh It feels so good on your glutes and hamstrings.... Sometimes I don't want to stop rolling.

Do you find that you run faster with someone else?  Or are you a lone wolf?


  1. Bit of a random question here - but I've always wondered when people have scrambled egg whites, what they do with all the yolks? Do you just chuck them away? (I hate being a waser!!haha)
    Sam x

  2. Oh Hi Sam!! I actually live in London and we have a brand called Twi Chix, who does egg whites only in a carton (similar to a milk carton). If I can buy that brand, I will only use that - otherwise, I tend to throw away the yolk. A bit wasteful I know, but I just don't use them for anything else! x