Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hot Viral Sweat Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Well, I am back from Cape Town! The weather in London is miserable and I really don't want to be back.  But, that's life and I got to pay the bills right? ;)

So, when I got home I decided to get my BodyRock on.  I picked this workout as it is body weight only - since I gave away my dumbbells and I am still waiting for my new sandbag to be delivered.

24 rounds of 10 seconds and 30 seconds

Push ups - 12-10-9-9-12-16
Ninja Tuck Jumps - 5-5-5-5.5-5-5
Prisoner Getups - 5-4-5-5-4-5
Pike Jumps - 28-29-28-30-27-35

You can see where I completed the original workout here.

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