Monday, 30 April 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Phase 1 - Day 1

Hi everyone! Well, I appear to be back.  This whole not having internet at home is getting a little bit annoying to say the least.  I have to post from my phone and it is such a pain, I really don't have the patience to be typing out my usual workouts etc.  I'd rather sit around and check FB, Twitter and Instagram all night... sad, I know :)

So... Today I started the Jamie Eason LiveFit trainer (again).  I have gone through Phase 1 and 2 of this trainer before but got side tracked with life right at the crucial fat stripping phase.  Nice one Jenn..

I plan on following the trainer as much as possible, while doing BodyRock (with my new sandbag!) and running on the side.  I need to get out of my funk and this could be the perfect kick I need right now.

You can find links to the LiveFit trainer HERE and Phase 1 Day 1 is HERE.

Monday WOD
1.6km/1mile on treadmill - roughly 9mins

3 x 12 wide push ups
3 x 12 BB bench press
3 x 12 BB flys
3 x 12 narrow push ups
3 x 12 standing tricep overhead
 3 x 12 triceps push down

After my workout I bought a random mix of salads from the work canteen.  Mental note to self, get back into batch cooking now I am spending more time in the country and at work!

When I got home I made some chicken with sweet chilli and garlic sauce, with a side of wholewheat pasta, peas, sprouts and some broccoli.  I packed up 2 servings for lunches and snacked on the bits that wouldn't make it into the Tupperware.  Yummo!  Good thing I wasn't starving when I was making it as I am sure most of it would have been eaten for dinner.

Not bad for a Monday I would say.  Tomorrow I need to remember to :

Take my new HRM to work for use at the gym
Remember my lifting gloves (so annoyed I forgot them!)
Remember my lifting book (Idiot)
Prepare more snacks for during the day (yoghurt and then apple with cinnamon)

Do you use a HRM when you are lifting? Were you surprised with the results?

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