Monday, 14 May 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 1 Day 15 & Zwod #1

Monday WOD
10 mins on elliptical machine, random, level 12-14 warm up

3 sets of 10 reps of the below exercises:
Leg extensions at 42kg/92.5lbs
Wide stance DB squat 9kgs/40lbs
Walking DB lunges 7kgs/15.4lbs
Single leg DB dead lift at 12kg/26.4lbs
Lying leg curls at 30kgs/60lbs
Seated calf raise at 151kgs/333lbs
Then just for a little something extra we completed 3 lots of 12 air bikes for ab work.

HRM - 351 Kcal

For lunch I ate what I prepared on Sunday.  It is so nice to come back to my desk, knowing that I am going to tuck into an awesome feed.  By the time I am done with the gym I am usually STARVING.

This afternoon I didn't really feel motivated to do much work.  We had some news throughout the day that pretty much destroyed everyone's motivation.  The news didn't directly affect me, however the mood rubbed off and it was not a very productive afternoon.

I did however, manage to stay motivated enough to try out one of Zuzana's new Zwod's.  I have been meaning to give her new workouts a try for some time now, as I don't really get the feel of the direction is going in.  Maybe one day I will try their workouts, but for now, I needed Zuzana's familiar face and physique in my life :)

Here is the tutorial video:

I was puffing and panting through the last two rounds of this workout.  It was awesome.  Really simple and I found that I could get my groove on and just get on with it.

My time for this workout was 19.22.  Please note, I am not able to complete proper pistol squats so I went as low as I could go and used a dining room chair to help with my balance.  I was dripping with sweat after this and to use the words of Zuzana, I was totally wiped out.  It was great.  Bring on the next one! I have quite a few to catch up on so I am stoked to get amongst this.

For dinner I made myself a rather large protein smoothie.  It was amazing and totally deserved.  This one had one small frozen banana, ice, PHD diet whey powder, peanut butter, organic cocoa, flax seeds and a small spoon of agave nectar.  Awesome combination :)

I was pretty tired when I finally got to bed. I have been struggling with a cough for the last few days and last night it kept me awake most of the night.  That annoying tickle, is sooooo annoying!!  The funny thing is though, it's only an annoying tickle when I am not doing anything.  I spent almost one and a half hours on the phone last night (while stretching like this in my bed) and I only coughed a few times.  But typical, as soon as I hang up and start to settle into sleep mode, boom, there it is!

Have you guys been working out to the new BodyRock.Tv format or have you stuck with Zuzana?


  1. I only just looked at the website yesterday - I've read about it from you quite a few times in your past posts but to be honest, you seem like a hardcore exercise person so I never looked on it because I thought it would be too much for little old me, but I had a look around it yesterday to see what it was like and today I started their 30 day challenge. I don't know what the website was like before but I find it quite difficult to navigate around to try to find what you want, but lisa (I think her name is) has such an amazing body, that is enough to get me motivated to do it!
    I'll have to check out Zuzanas workouts though, they look killer — is she just on youtube?
    Sam xx

  2. Hey babe! Yes you can find them on YouTube. I much prefer Zuzana's workouts right now since I am getting back into pushing myself harder :) If you search for Zwow and then go from there you can find her x