Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 1 Day 2

Oh.... My.... Goodness.  My arms feel amazing after yesterdays lifting.  It has been a while since I lifted (due to my AWESOME holiday in Cape Town) and it was really nice to get stuck into some weights again.  The saying is right though, use it or lose it!  I can not lift anything near what I was lifting before I went away and my god my determination and motivation levels are so high after getting flustered.  Bring it on!!

I also used my HRM today for the first time.. It was very interesting and I look forward to using it every day with my workouts.

Tuesday WOD
10mins treadmill - 1mile

3 x 12 reps of the below exercises:

Wide grip lat pull downs
One arm DB row
Seated cable row
Underhand pull down
One arm DB curl
Standing biceps cable curl

HRM:  workout length 42min
316 Kcal
Avg HR 127
Max 164
In Zone for 17.33min

After my workout I enjoyed the fabulous lunch I prepared for myself yesterday.  Now, if only we had a microwave at work - my life would be complete!

Tonight I went for dinner with my sister.  She has finally landed a new job in Cape Town so she won't be making regular trips to London like before.  This makes me super sad as to be honest, I am not sure when I am going to see her again.  As you know, my family is kinda spread all over the world. 

We grew up in Newport, on Sydney's northern beaches.  Then, my sister moved to England, my brother moved to Canada, I moved to England and my Mum moved to Tasmania.  The above photo is from the first time we have all been together for roughly 4-5 years.

Now, my sister lives in Cape Town with her husband Clarky.

My brother is moving back to Australia for a snow season with his girlfriend Danielle.  Once this season is over and done with, they will hopefully get transferred to the USA.

And my Mum is still loving life in Tassie with her partner, Pete. (She is in the pink dress below with Pete on the right)

So I am here in London, with nothing but my awesome friends to help me get by.  And you know what? It's really tough sometimes especially when the weather is really average like it has been.  It really does make me homesick.

But, it is not all doom and gloom.  I applied for the USA Green Card Lottery this week.  I know it could take forever to come through, but you never know unless you try.  I would love to live in the states (hopefully somewhere around the OC or to be honest, I don't really care!).  Hopefully throwing my hat into the ring might actually get me somewhere :)

How do you guys deal with being away from home or your family?

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