Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 1 Day 3

Very pleased that it was legs day today! I don't think that my arms could have taken much more punishing this week.  It was hard for me to put on and take off my sports bra haha.  Oops!  I love the burn though, it makes me feel like I am getting stronger by the day.

Wednesday WOD
10mins elliptical

Leg press
Leg Extensions
Sumo BB squat
Laying leg curl
Seated calf raises

Total workout time 36.27min
242 Kcal
Average 121
Max 157
In zone 15.57

After this for lunch I had a baked potato with tuna and cheese.  I know it isn't the healthiest of lunches but nothing wrong with a bit of carbs to help get me through the afternoon.

I left work early and really wanted to play with my new sandbag, so I checked out an old BodyRock workout that I loved and gave that a go.

Silent Killer Workout

Set your interval timer for 20 rounds of 10 seconds and 50 seconds

Lunge squat left:  25 - 18
Squat:  29 - 20
Lunge squat right:  25 - 16
Squat:  22 - 19
Reverse push up:  20 - 20(under my dining table)
Squat:  23 - 22
Knee raise:  20-24 (I completed these on my kitchen benches)
Squat:  23 - 20
Weighted crunch:  28-35
Squat:  22 - 22
Video tutorial is here.  Give it a go at home!  You don't need a sandbag.  Even a heavy book will do!  I used to use my 7.5kg dumbbell.  My previous results for this workout are HERE.  You can see I have lost some fitness but  I plan to get right back to where I was very soon :)

Once I was done with this workout I washed my hair and made a protein smoothie.  Then sat on the couch watching Top Gear.  Not a bad night in considering tomorrow I am going to a gig in Camden with Michelle and it will be a late on!  Bring on the weekend :)

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