Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - Phase 1 Day 8

Back to work after a long weekend.  Thankfully this week is going pretty fast already - as you can tell from my lack of posting.  However, the good news is that:

1.  We now have Internet at home - YAY!  Back to normal posting :)
2. My replacement iPhone turned up last night so I can finally start uploading pictures again
3.  Life is good right now, even though there are no holidays planned and there is nothing BIG to look forward to.  I think I am over my holiday blues and am getting back into somewhat of a routine.

Tuesday WOD
10mins treadmill, warm up

3 sets of 12 reps for the below exercises:
Wide push up
DB bench press 10kgs
Flat bench flys 6kgs
Narrow push up (on knees)
Overhead tricep DB 6kg
Tricep push downs 14kg

I have been doing these workouts with Janine from work and she has already noticed that she can complete more push ups than last week.  She feels like she is getting stronger and has noticed an improvement when trying to complete these exercises.  Go Janine!!!  I am super stoked for her :)

How many of you guys are doing the LiveFit program?  Are you noticing differences in your body/strength?

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