Monday, 21 May 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - Phase 1 Day 19 & Zwow #3

I missed this workout on the weekend so decided to continue with it today. I know it will mess me up a little with the weeks plan, but I will stick with it and see how it goes.

Monday WOD
7mins elliptical, warm up

3 sets of 10 reps for the below exercises:
Seated DB Press
DB front raise
Seated Arnold Press
Side lateral raise

Leg raises

For lunch today I had a baked potato with tuna and cheese.  Not the best option but I am broke and I didn't have time to make my lunches yesterday.  Also, to make things worse I had to go to a meeting right after the gym so it was more like a warm baked potato.  Edible, yet not as awesome as something so naughty should be.  Almost wasn't worth it to be honest!

When I got home, I figured I should probably get another quick workout in to make up for the lunch disaster.  I have been loving the Zwow workouts that Zuzana is doing.  I love her motivation and she is such an inspiration for me. I am glad that she is continuing with the workouts, whatever format they come in - I will follow her whatever she does!

Zwow #3

My time was 12mins 32 sec.  Not bad considering I really felt like I was struggling through some of these.  My god.  15 single leg lunges? OUCH! 
 Once I was done, I also completed 50 sit ups and 20 sandbag squat and presses with my awesome pink sandbag :)  Talk about taking Monday by the balls and starting the week on a high!

How did you guys start your Monday?  In an awesome exercise mood like me?

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