Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 1 Day 22 & a quick run

Today was supposed to be legs day however neither Janine and I were feeling up to it.  We wanted to work out (of course), so I had a look and decided we could do Day 23 as Day 22.  Easy!

Tuesday WOD
Walking on the treadmill, using inclines - warm up

3 sets of 10 reps for the below exercises:
Assisted pull ups
Wide grip lateral pull down
Seated narrow grip rows
Back extensions
Alternate hammer curl
Arm curl machine

For lunch I ate one of these bad boys.  Chicken with black bean sauce, brown onion, wholewheat pasta, sprouts, broccoli and peas.  It is basically the same as the lunches I made the other week - but with a black bean sauce instead.  So cheap to do things this way and my goodness they are so tasty!
For desert I stole one of Michelle's yogurts in the fridge.  Sorry buddy, I'll replace that for you next week when we get paid ;)  We are both so broke right now!

Apparently it was really nice and warm in London today.  I wouldn't know.  I was inside sitting in a badly air conditioned office, looking outside to the overcast day.  It didn't look hot - but I can confirm, when I left work at 5:30pm it was in fact, a beautiful day.

My arms were sore from yesterday's workout and the Zwow #3 so I sucked it up and went for a run.

Man it was so hot out that I almost died!  I was sweating so badly that my shorts stuck to me and ended up looking more like I was running in bike shorts, than Nike tempo shorts haha.  When I returned, I lay on my floor in a pool of sweat.  Ewwwwww....

God - one day I will have to find a man that puts up with that kind of behaviour.  I don't know many guys that get a sweat on as much as I do.  Honestly, whoever the "lucky guy" is (kidding!) that ends up with me, is going to have to have some kind of hobby that involves sweat and lots of it.  Otherwise, they wont understand.  At all.

Oh and before I forget, I made this awesome salad on Saturday night after seeing American Pie Reunion.  It has lettuce leafs, mushrooms, avocado, red onion, green onion, feta cheese, red pepper and some awesome grilled chicken.  Give it a go if you need a healthy dinner idea!

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  1. There are many guys like sweat like you. No problem.