Sunday, 13 May 2012

Saturday snack, a quick jog and a random night in

Even though we went out for a few drinks with our mates on Friday night, I managed to get myself up at a reasonable hour on Saturday and go for a run.  Well, I did happen to get a text message through on my phone around 6am, which may have had something to do with it.....

My legs have had a nice long rest with barely any running at all over the last few weeks.  I miss it so badly!  Honestly, my head needs it as much as my body does.  

I woke up feeling slightly confused about various things in my life and after an hour of so of laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, letting my mind tick over and over and over..... I took control of the situation and went out for a run.  My goodness, the difference in my mood when I got back was amazing.

If ever there was a problem or emotion you were having troubles sorting out in your head - GO FOR A RUN.  Somehow, everything just seems clearer when you return. I didn't manage to sort my troubles out completely, but everything does seem calmer and I was certainly able to put troubles into a better perspective.

HERE are some of my favourite tips for starting running as a beginner :)

HRM details from my workout:
Workout time 29.06min
383 Kcal
Average HR 175
Max 193
When I got back I decided to make some snacks for Michelle and I to eat during the week.  What better snack to make than Protein Muffins! They taste like they should be naughty, but they are packed full of protein goodness.

Evan as I start mixing the ingredients in a bowl I start to get super excited at the end result.  How sad is that?  The batter doesn't taste amazing (yes I have licked the bowl before), however the end result is just to die for.

I added some low calorie dark chocolate chips for this batch as I find it just adds a little bit of something to help with the muffin being (sorry for this...), well..... moist.  I only used around half of the packet so it didn't increase the original calorie count for the recipe by too much - especially spread out over the 12 muffins.  I think its worth it!  You of course, don't have to add anything to the mix :)

Always stoked to put these guys in the oven.  18mins later I am literally staring at them through the oven door waiting for them to be done.  Again, sad, I know.....

So Michelle and I went shopping Saturday afternoon.  This is what we bought.

Hoola hoops, beer, pizza, giant playing cards, a bike pump, flax seeds, chia seeds, soy pudding, a vegetarian cook book and a novel for Michelle, some chutney, sweet chili sauce and peanut butter.  

Random? Yes.  Did we have a good night? YES!  We watched Jersey Shore, while eating the pizza and hooping when we could.  This is what happens when we don't go out on a Saturday night.

We were thinking about heading out again, but we are both a bit strapped for cash and to be honest, a night in isn't going to kill us!

How was your weekend? Did you manage to squeeze in some exercise and have a good time as well?

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