Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Getting back into it.. Slowly

Soooo.... Hi there!  A lot has been happening the last 2 weeks while I have been M.I.A.
  • I was sick with a severe upper respiratory tract infection the week before the long weekend.
  • Michelle's Birthday was the Friday starting off the long weekend.  Awesome night out at a pub in Camden.
  •  We cooked an epic tofu, veggie, egg noodle and sweet chili stir fry.
  • 3 days back at work and a change in my personal life = motivation slump.  I believe I managed to go for one run and one lifting session during those 3 days.
  • We did the Alternative London tour through East London (where we used to live).  It was epic and the street art is so interesting.  If you live in London, I suggest you get on that tour.  It is "free" and you just donate what you can afford or think it was worth at the end.  Our tour guide was awesome as well.

  • We went to go and see Blink 182 at the o2 in London 
  • This Monday just gone was a work trip to Paris.  Happy days, but not the best start to the week - drinking beers on the EuroStar home.
Soooo... here I am, starting my week on Tuesday with a BANG.

Tuesday WOD
20mins elliptical trainer - 10min warm up then 10min interval

3 sets of 12 reps for the below exercises
Wide grip lat pull down & underhand pull down & mountain climbers as active rest
DB curl & tricep DB overhead
Seated calf raise & leg press

Then, a nice long stretch with the help of my trainer at the gym.  At one point, I swear I felt my spine crack allll the way up.  I am totally a new woman.  462 Kcal were burnt during this workout :)

I still feel like I am in a bit of an emotional slump, so when I came home I crawled into bed and watched The Walking Dead.  Couldn't sleep (probably since I was in bed laying down so early) and was basically awake all night.  Oops.  Lesson learned.

Wednesday WOD
10mins treadmill warm up - incline 2 or 3

3 sets of 8 reps for the below exercises
Laying leg press & jumping jacks
Leg extensions & mountain climbers
Dead lifts & single raised leg lunges
Seated calf raise & leg press
Sit ups

After work I felt like I needed something more.  I am a woman on a mission this week.  So I went for a run.  You can see how I was motivated to get dressed, but not out the door HERE.

I did the usual 2 laps around the park (had to walk a few times since my fitness is AVERAGE).  On the second lap around I did park bench jumps.  10 on the first bench, jog to the next, 9 on the next bench and so on until I reached 1 for the last bench.

That was knackering but I totally plan to be able to do that as part of a non stop jogging routing by the end of the month.

Now, Michelle is making dinner and the smell and sight of it is literally making my mouth water (thatswhatshesaid).  Veggie lasagne.  OMG. Nom nom nom.  Pics to follow for sure!

I hope you are all having a good week :)

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