Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Zwow #26 - BodyWeight Interval Workout

Yo!  Today when I got home I did the following workout.  It was pretty cool! I love the no break workouts.  Using different muscle groups makes it easier to go right into the next exercise etc.  I loved it :)

I didn't write down scores or anything like that as there was no time and I was more worried about not hurting my foot even more.  It is still killing me!!  Gahh...

Anyways, video is here.  It's a great total body workout that requires no equipment at all.  Get amongst it!!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Zwow #24, a birthday and a sore foot!

Everyone say Happy Birthday to this little guy!!!  

Happy Birthday Oscar!!  Awwww...  Oscar and Riley turned 3 yesterday.  What a bundle of cute that is right there.  I met up with Robbie, Ryan, Oscar and Riley yesterday for a brunch at Ben's Canteen.  We also enjoyed some Pup Cakes for the little guys.  I have missed them so much.  It was great to catch up and snuggle them almost to death before having to come home again.

Today I was really looking forward to hitting the gym at lunch time, but we had an unexpected visitor at work and we all got taken to Nando's for lunch!  Right now I can not say no to a free lunch (times are tough right now people!) and of course, there is ALWAYS another workout you can do if you don't get to your scheduled workout.

By the way, the above photo was what was left after a veggie wrap with medium sauce and halloumi on the side.  Nom!

Ps on the weekend I managed to hurt my foot.  I think it was from a pair of shoes I was wearing whilst a a wedding on Friday night!!! Ewww... So swollen and sore :(  Totally hobbling today and it SUCKS.  I am not really one to wince with pain at all - I tend to just put up with it.  But I am really struggling with this right now.

When I got home I decided to do what I could of Zwow #24 and also a quick sandbag circuit with abs.

I managed to get 4 rounds done in roughly 10mins 45 seconds.  I couldn't do the dive bombers with my foot so I completed nice proper form low push ups.

The sandbag circuit I completed looked a little something like this:

50 jumping jacks
20 x Clean & power press
50 jumping jacks
30 x bear hug squats
50 jumping jacks
20 x shoulder to shoulder
50 jumping jacks
 20 x shoulder drop lunge
50 jumping jacks
30 x Zercher good morning
50 jumping jacks
20 x power clean
50 jumping jacks
30 x bent over row
50 jumping jacks

Have I mentioned I love my sandbag? :)  I also completed some ab work when this was all over.

This put me in a good mood for dinner.

Now I am watching the Olympics and icing my foot.  Lame.  I hope it is better tomorrow!  I really feel like getting some cardio done tomorrow morning.... If I can tie my shoes up that is!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday Lazy Day

Today I got in an early morning workout on the cross trainer at the gym and had every intention of going to do weights after work, however you know what they say about best laid plans ?

We went out for lunch to sit in the sun and for desert I enjoyed an ice cream :) yummo!!

Then towards the end of the day I realised I just wanted to spend more time in the sun, not slogging away in the gym. So that is what I am doing :)

Enjoy London summer guys! Who knows how long we will have it for !! X

Sunday, 22 July 2012

On a Sunday Morning...

Happy Sunday everyone!

This morning I woke up feeling pretty refreshed.  I didn't go out last night so it was nice to wake up and not feel tired etc.  I did have a bit of a head ache and I think it's because I need new pillows.  I already sleep fairly awkwardly and I guess my neck is just taking a bit of a beating while I sleep!

So one thing on my list of things to do today, was to go for a nice long run.  The sun is shining and I ran up Barnett way for a while and then back again.  I am not used to running in the heat and I didn't have my HRM so I tried to take it fairly easily and do the best I could.  I did have to slow to a walk a couple of times but I made sure I picked up a pace a little bit afterwards to make up for it.  It was just so hot though and it totally threw me for 6.  Either way, it was a good run and I had run :)

I felt pretty happy with the distance and I think just working on the time will make me happy! Not bad considering I have not done a long run for a while.

When I got home, I completed the ab workout below:
4 x 20 side crunches (each side)
4 x 20 4inch crunches (legs crossed one way for 10, then the other way for 10)
4 x 20 oblique twist jumps

Click HERE if you want to see the full ab circuit I based this workout on.

My belly button looks WEIRD!!! hahahah.... I see you there!

Once Abs were done I wanted to play with my sandbag quickly so I did 10 reps of each of the below exercises.  Then, I did it again.

Clean and press
Bear hug squat (turns out my shorts are way too tight for  squats and I thought they would rip haha)
Shoulder to shoulder press
Shoulder drop step lunge (each side)
Zercher good morning
Power cleans
Bent over row
Single leg dead lift and balance (each side)

Yeah, now my face looks like this!  

I spent a bit of time stretching out when I was done and now I am sat here festering in my own sweat while I type this.  I suppose I should probably go and have a shower, then start the rest of my day, right?

I hope you guys are having a good one! If you are in London, OMG GET OUT AND ENJOY THE SUN!!!! WHO KNOWS HOW LONG WE WILL HAVE IT FOR!!!

Oh, and here is an awesome old school Sunday song for you :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit traner - Phase 2 Day 44

Hi!  Sorry I didn't post this yesterday.  I was too busy putting together my Black Swan video...

I had to mix up the days of the LiveFit trainer this week as I did something to my hip earlier on in the week and didn't want to make it worse by working on my legs.  Good thing I waited as I went really hard for this workout.  I want to start seeing some more definition in my thighs and calf muscles.  I know the muscle is there, I just want it to be bigger I guess!

PS I am loving how my shoulders are looking right now. I have always had fairly defined shoulders, but these days I think they are looking amazing!

Wednesday WOD
5mins elliptical, warm up
DB step ups + single leg raised squats
Weighted squats
Narrow stance leg press + seated calf raises
Leg extensions
I was planning on doing some more dead lifts etc, but the Yoga class had already started and whoever tidied up the gym, put all the weights/BB's in the cupboards.  Well, there you go. That's what you get for working out in a tidy gym :)

Kcal burn was around 420 or so.

After work I walked home in the drizzle that we call London Summer, and made myself a very filling Protein Smoothie.

Now I have to go and straighten my hair for the day.  Bleh.  As if washing it isn't enough of a chore....

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - Phase 2 Day 45 & a run after work

How awesome was it to wake up to the SUN this morning?! The walk to work was so much more bearable without having to struggle with my umbrella.  Lately it has been windy as well as rainy so I can't count on my fingers, the number of times my umbrella pole has hit me in the face as I walk.

Also, my phone turned up last night so I was able to listen to all the music I wanted.  It took me over 3 hours of iTunes fun to put the right albums on my phone last night.  Man, I just get lost in iTunes never never....

Tuesday WOD
5mins elliptical, warm up
BB bench press warm up
Reverse grip BB bench press
DB flys + DB bench press
Machine bicep curl
Dips + Cable cross overs

Lunch today was a ham, cheese and mustard sandwich.  I still haven't gotten around to making my lunches (I need to get back into that habit!) and every day I curse myself for not making time to do it the night before.  It is so much more worthwhile.  I think the thing that is annoying me is the fact we don't have a microwave at work.  I think my cold meat and veg would be much more appealing if it was hot meat and veg.

After work I had it set in my diary that I would do some more cardio.. so I went for a run!  I decided to click into beast mode and run a full lap of the park, then on the second I would do bench jumps etc.  All in all the distance was around 3miles and I burned just under 500Kcal.

Go hard or go home.  I went hard... and now I need to get my foam roller on! haha

By the way, how good is it when you roll your mat like this?  Usually I roll it on an angle and it ends up all wonky and pointy at one end... but today, I freaking nailed it!  Stoked.  Talk about winning :)

Tomorrow is going to be legs day.  It was supposed to be today but I twinged something in my hip/bum and I didn't want to push my luck.

Do you guys get lost in iTunes? Do you share my frustration with your workout mat?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - Phase 2 Day 46 & Zwow #16

Wow.  Last night I am pretty sure I fell asleep at 10:30pm and I managed to sleep all the way through to when my alarm went off at 6:30am.  Epic sleep and totally needed after being up before 7am on Sunday for Michelle's boot sale!

Guess what?!  Today it was raining again in London.  Are you surprised?  No, me neither.  I guess I am turning into a bit of a Londoner, the way I whinge about it all the time...Errgghh.  I don't mind the winter - as long as we at least get some kind of summer!  Please... is that really too much to ask?!

Anyways, enough about the weather... on to more serious stuff.  Like how I smashed two workouts today and now feel AMAZING.

Monday WOD
5mins warm up, elliptical machine

Front lat raises
Arnold press
Side raises
Upright row
Standing one arm palm in press
(Didn't do any of the reverse flys or rear delt raises as the weights room was full of dudes and we didn't want to look stupid.  Sorry, but that's how it was today!)

Soooo.. we skipped (like girls, of course.  Kidding!) off to the exercise mats to get some ab work done.  We did oblique crunches (each side) and toe touches.  Man, I felt the burn on that one!  I love it though.

Lunch today was a Thai Soup thing from the canteen at work.  It was kinda tasty but made me feel super queasy around 1hour later.  Lesson learned.  Don't have the soup when someone is obviously experimenting with "new" things.

After work I wanted to do some cardio, but needed to come home right away as my new phone was being delivered :) YAY!

Sooo.. I did Zwow #16 and loved it.

You can watch the video tutorial HERE if you want to.

The workout was to complete as many reps as possible during 10mins.  I was pretty close to completing 3 rounds when the 10mins ticked over, so I continued and finished 3 rounds in 10mins 52seconds.  Not bad right?  I used my sandbag instead of a kettle bell etc.  Because I love it.

Once I was done I completed a few more ab workouts and then did some hooping.  I really would like to get better at hooping as my rhythm and movement is a bit out of whack.  I was in all the dance groups at school, and used to be quite OK! However, now - I am so out of practice I can't even get a good bop on while in my bedroom....

How was your Monday?  Did you start the week off on the right foot?

Roar!! New bodysuit from Drop Dead

I love my bodysuit!  It is so comfy and certainly adds that "edge" to any outfit I decide to wear it with.
  • Get Stuffed body suit from Drop Dead Clothing (purchase from THIS website)
  • H&M Brown belt
  • Urban Outfitters Initial Face watch (purchase from THIS website)
  • BDG Ankle Black Cigarette Jeans from Urban Outfitters (purchase from THIS website)
Yep.  That's my game face.  All ready to go out for a weekend drink!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Finding that work/Life balance

Today I want to share with you some information that I picked up from a brochure at work.  It is about helping to create that work/life balance and coping with pressure at work.  I found it especially useful considering I have to work 9-5:30pm every day.  Something has to pay the bills.  No, I never intended on sitting at a desk all day every day - but this is what I have to do right now and I can only make the most that I can out of it, until I manage to move on to something else.

Spotting the signs of pressure
It is now all too common for people to struggle with the demands of work, whether this be deadlines, meetings, projects, commuting etc., which we all know can significantly impact on health and well being.

Unfortunately, if we combine the time spent at work and the time spent with our families/partners/children/parents etc., it becomes very difficult to concentrate on ourselves.

Signs of high pressure
Feeling pressured is something that a lot of people suffer from at one time or another, and sometimes levels affect our day to day functioning.  Below are some common things that prolonged pressure can cause;

Lack of appetite
Craving for food when under pressure
Poor sleeping pattern
Difficulty in making decisions
Loss of sense of humour
Suppressed anger
Feeling unable to cope
Lack of interest in doing things after returning home from work
Difficulty concentrating
Constant irritability with people

Do any of them apply to you?  I know I have suffered from more than a few of the above at times.  There are a number of ways that you can help yourself improve this balance and possibly help reduce pressure levels. 
  • Do not eat lunch at your desk.  I always try and at least go for a walk around my office, walk to the corner store or eat somewhere with some kind of view other than a computer monitor.
  • Try to keep your coffee or energy drinks to less than four per day.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you want to bounce off the walls..... while you are trying to finish a pivot table for your FD or something similar.  I drink loads of water now which aside from being incredibly healthy for you;  it forces me to get up from my desk and walk to the ladies room at least once per hour.
  • When you are home - cut back on your computer time.  Exercise, listen to music, read a book or newspaper and cut back on TV.  I find it really hard to relax and check all the social medial websites these days.  Being sat at a computer or even on my iPhone, makes me feel like I should be working and it is not relaxing for me.  Take a break.  Seriously.  You will LOVE it once you are used to it.
  • If you have a bath, USE IT!  I have a bath at least once per month.  I don't know why I crave it these days, but I really enjoy just relaxing in the water and that feeling of washing away the day.  I know now all of you have that luxury, so maybe make the most of it and occasionally, give yourself a "spa" night.  Paint your nails, shave your legs, put on a face mask.  A bit of pampering goes a long way!
  • Make time for YOU.  Literally, write it in your diary.... ME TIME.  If you schedule it in, you are more than likely going to hold yourself accountable for it.  Whatever you want to do in that time, enjoy it.  It could be your workout time, house work time or whatever.  Just make sure you get things done for you.
Anyways, there are just a few tips above that might help point you in the right direction for finding your balance.

Do you have any special tricks of habits that help you with your balance?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday WOD - My first step class!

Today was a first for me.  I attended my first Power Step class (run by my boss actually!).  To be honest, I went into the class feeling a bit apprehensive.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to get the hang of the choreography and I was nervous that my lack of cardio over recent months would let me down.

Everyone at work knows I love working out, lifting weights, eating healthy and just in general, being FIT.  I was slightly nervous that I wouldn't be able to handle the class... what if I hadn't eaten enough and felt dizzy? What if I went too hard out of the gates and then slumped at the end?  Eeeeeekk.

So, I sucked it up and got on with it.  You never know if you never go right?

Turns out I LOVED the class.  I was fine with the fitness aspect of things (I even felt like I was craving more at the end).  I got a massive sweat on and my face was red (how embarrassing).  I could do 90% of the moves and only had to slow down if I couldn't get the hang of the moves.  I was stoked and had a massive smile on my face at the end of the class.  Oh, and I burnt 413Kcal while I was at it :)

I tossed up staying back at the gym after work to get my LiveFit in but to be honest, I am going through some things in my head right now and felt like a run would be more beneficial for me today.  So I got a lift home with one of the lovely ladies I work with and prepared to head out sans headphones, iPhone & music.  Then, cheers London - the heavens opened.  I barely got 1min in before I had to turn around and come home.  It was raining cats and dogs!  

P.s why doesn't my hair look this cute in a bun first thing in the morning?

Sooooo.. I decided to do this BodyRock.tv workout I checked out over the last weekend.  It makes me happy that they are bringing the workouts back to basics and not using every freaking piece of equipment they own in the one workout.  That isn't my style (although I understand if that is something you want to do)!

Powerful Real Time Sweat Workout.

2 switch lunges 2 jacks:  12/11
Push ups (elevated if you want to):  13/14
Touch downs:  41/43
Squat jumps (I did weighted squats because I love my sandbag):  27/26
Dive Bombers (I suck at these):  12/13
Sandbag rows:  30/30

I did a bit of an ab workout at the end of this as well and my HRM said I burnt 171 Kcal.

Epic day of workouts and I am so glad I tried something new.  Did you guys try anything new today?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - Phase 2 Day 42 & early morning run

This morning I managed to get myself out of bed to go for a run before the rain came.  I just did a quick lap around the park and burnt 340Kcal before breakfast.  Winning.  I swear I love to hate those hills though.

It was also weird running with no music or Nike+ app to get me by.  Hearing my own breathing and footsteps made me really conscious of what I was doing.  In a good way!  I need to work on regulating my breathing a lot more and try to be a little lighter on my feet.  I put that down to stiffness in my legs from yesterdays leg day though.  I wouldn't usually run after leg day, but I felt I needed it.

Tuesday WOD
Alternate hammer curls & mountain climbers active rest
Standing tricep press
BB curl 21's
Push ups
Cable curl
Narrow grip bench press
Ab work (I coughed before and my tummy is killing me.  Love it!)

I roughly burnt around 200Kcal for this workout.
*Today was a sweaty one and I am annoyed that I strategically can't wash my hair tonight.  It HAS to happen tomorrow....ewwwwww I am dreading it already.

Food today hasn't been all that great.  Oats for breakfast, coffee for mid morning snack, sandwich and banana for lunch, a small piece of home made banana loaf for afternoon snack, soup and 3 veggie fingers for dinner.  It doesn't feel like enough and we are scraping the bottom of the barrel with food at home right now... Tomorrow I will do better - I promise!

Now... who else stretches while they are in bed watching TV?

Monday, 9 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 2 Day 41

Happy Monday!!
 This is my Monday face.  Pretty much alllll day.... There is a smile in there somewhere, I just couldn't capture it right now :)

I just did legs day and DANG... It was awesome.  I actually forgot to take my print out to the gym but I kind of remembered what I needed to do.... kind of..

Monday WOD
Treadmill warm up

BB step ups
Plie DB squats
One legged raised lunges
Hip abductor (??)
Laying leg curls
Leg extensions
Calf raises
Leg presses

Then walked home fairly quickly and ta da! Here I am.  I managed to burn just under 550Kcal for this workout and I am spent.  

I'm pretty broke this month as well, so I might have to take it easy on the exercise.  I will see how I feel and what I have managed to eat each day.  It is looking kind of grim right now, but hopefully I can scrounge up some cash to at least get a few meals with frozen veggies and chicken under my belt.  I have noticed I have lost a bunch of weight recently as well. I can see my collar bones are more prominent and my clothes are getting looser.  Not too sure if that is supposed to be happening just yet, but I will monitor it and see how it goes for the next few weeks - then make the necessary changes if I can.  

What workouts did you guys do today?  Anyone else start the week off with legs day?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Zwow #14, Ab bonus and a great deal of not a great deal..

Happy Sunday everyone! I had planned on going for a run today but the weather wouldn't allow it.  I guess I could have gone out with the rain, but to be honest, I didn't want to run the risk of getting sick. Also, I saw it as a great opportunity to play with my sandbag in the lounge room.

Man, I love my sandbag!

Here is the tutorial video - or you can click here to be taken to the video on YouTube.

I used my sandbag as best as I could as I do not have access to DB's when at home.  I didn't use any additional weight for the jump lunges.

My time to complete this was 17.43mins.  It was intense.  My shoulders were burning pretty badly towards the last of the presses there.  During the video, Zuzana puts down one of the DB's and continues with just one.  I kept using the sandbag the whole time (it weighs roughly 10kgs).... no wonder my shoulders are on fire now as I type this.

Afterwards I felt like I wanted to work on my abs for a while so I set my interval timer to 10/50seconds and completed the following exercises:

Knee ups
Obliques left/right
Planks x 2
Weighted crunches
C twists
Leg lifts

I got the idea to do this after looking on the BodyRock website for a quick bonus ab workout.  I found one HERE and kind of used it as a template.  Now, is it just me, or does it say 4 min ab workout, but there are 3 exercises? I'm confused...

Anyways, then - I played with our hula hoop for a while :)  Honestly, I have just gotten into hooping recently and I really would like to a) buy a bigger hoop and b) keep practicing so I can do some tricks etc.  It is a great workout and it is really helping me with my lack of rhythm!!

Right, I am off to have a shower and paint my nails! I wasn't motivated to do it last night, but there is no time like the present ;)

What are you guys up to today?  Anything exciting?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sometimes I like to dress like a boy...

  • Jeans from Urban Outfitters
  • Shirt from TopShop
  • Jacket from Red or Dead
  • Vans authentic (not pictured)

Just popped out to meet up with Janine for a couple of beers and a light lunch down the road.  Funnily enough, I managed to dress appropriately for the weather.  I wasn't too hot or too cold.  Jenn for the win!!  Take that London summer ;)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 2 day 38

Oh hi there!

Guess which lucky girl has her iPhone stolen again on the weekend?  THIS ONE!  Yep that's right.  Awesome hey!?  So this means, today is a boring post with no pictures.  LAME. I am such a fan of taking pics for my blog and basically for my own personal records..... and I wont be able to do this for at least another 2 weeks.  It will take a longer time for the replacement to come through this time as the last claim I made was less than 2 months ago.  I am not a happy chappy right now.

BUT, on the plus side, I don't spend any time mucking around on my phone in the mornings.... soooo

Monday WOD
Before work - treadmill running, incline running, sprints for roughly 30mins.

374 Kcal according to my Polar

After work - LEGS DAY!
 Leg extensions - 2 warm up sets with lighter weight for 20 reps
Wide stance BB squat
Leg press
Elevated single leg lunges
BB step ups
Plie DB squats
Seated calf raises

338 Kcal according to my Polar.  Those BB step ups certainly got my heart going!

Food today has been ok-ish.

Breakfast:  Everyday oatmeal with a spoon of peanut butter
After the gym: Cheese on toast and soy latte
Lunch:  Baked potato with tuna and cheese
Snack before gym:  Banana
Dinner:  Innocent pot

Now I am laying on the couch half watching Mythbusters while I type this.  Boring - but I wont let it burst my happy bubble.  Just a phone right?  Annnddd.... a break from social media never killed anyone....

Oh, and because I can't not put a picture or something in this post - check out this band.  They are one of my favorites right now.  Can't wait to see them later in the year :)