Monday, 9 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 2 Day 41

Happy Monday!!
 This is my Monday face.  Pretty much alllll day.... There is a smile in there somewhere, I just couldn't capture it right now :)

I just did legs day and DANG... It was awesome.  I actually forgot to take my print out to the gym but I kind of remembered what I needed to do.... kind of..

Monday WOD
Treadmill warm up

BB step ups
Plie DB squats
One legged raised lunges
Hip abductor (??)
Laying leg curls
Leg extensions
Calf raises
Leg presses

Then walked home fairly quickly and ta da! Here I am.  I managed to burn just under 550Kcal for this workout and I am spent.  

I'm pretty broke this month as well, so I might have to take it easy on the exercise.  I will see how I feel and what I have managed to eat each day.  It is looking kind of grim right now, but hopefully I can scrounge up some cash to at least get a few meals with frozen veggies and chicken under my belt.  I have noticed I have lost a bunch of weight recently as well. I can see my collar bones are more prominent and my clothes are getting looser.  Not too sure if that is supposed to be happening just yet, but I will monitor it and see how it goes for the next few weeks - then make the necessary changes if I can.  

What workouts did you guys do today?  Anyone else start the week off with legs day?

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