Monday, 16 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - Phase 2 Day 46 & Zwow #16

Wow.  Last night I am pretty sure I fell asleep at 10:30pm and I managed to sleep all the way through to when my alarm went off at 6:30am.  Epic sleep and totally needed after being up before 7am on Sunday for Michelle's boot sale!

Guess what?!  Today it was raining again in London.  Are you surprised?  No, me neither.  I guess I am turning into a bit of a Londoner, the way I whinge about it all the time...Errgghh.  I don't mind the winter - as long as we at least get some kind of summer!  Please... is that really too much to ask?!

Anyways, enough about the weather... on to more serious stuff.  Like how I smashed two workouts today and now feel AMAZING.

Monday WOD
5mins warm up, elliptical machine

Front lat raises
Arnold press
Side raises
Upright row
Standing one arm palm in press
(Didn't do any of the reverse flys or rear delt raises as the weights room was full of dudes and we didn't want to look stupid.  Sorry, but that's how it was today!)

Soooo.. we skipped (like girls, of course.  Kidding!) off to the exercise mats to get some ab work done.  We did oblique crunches (each side) and toe touches.  Man, I felt the burn on that one!  I love it though.

Lunch today was a Thai Soup thing from the canteen at work.  It was kinda tasty but made me feel super queasy around 1hour later.  Lesson learned.  Don't have the soup when someone is obviously experimenting with "new" things.

After work I wanted to do some cardio, but needed to come home right away as my new phone was being delivered :) YAY!

Sooo.. I did Zwow #16 and loved it.

You can watch the video tutorial HERE if you want to.

The workout was to complete as many reps as possible during 10mins.  I was pretty close to completing 3 rounds when the 10mins ticked over, so I continued and finished 3 rounds in 10mins 52seconds.  Not bad right?  I used my sandbag instead of a kettle bell etc.  Because I love it.

Once I was done I completed a few more ab workouts and then did some hooping.  I really would like to get better at hooping as my rhythm and movement is a bit out of whack.  I was in all the dance groups at school, and used to be quite OK! However, now - I am so out of practice I can't even get a good bop on while in my bedroom....

How was your Monday?  Did you start the week off on the right foot?

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