Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - Phase 2 Day 45 & a run after work

How awesome was it to wake up to the SUN this morning?! The walk to work was so much more bearable without having to struggle with my umbrella.  Lately it has been windy as well as rainy so I can't count on my fingers, the number of times my umbrella pole has hit me in the face as I walk.

Also, my phone turned up last night so I was able to listen to all the music I wanted.  It took me over 3 hours of iTunes fun to put the right albums on my phone last night.  Man, I just get lost in iTunes never never....

Tuesday WOD
5mins elliptical, warm up
BB bench press warm up
Reverse grip BB bench press
DB flys + DB bench press
Machine bicep curl
Dips + Cable cross overs

Lunch today was a ham, cheese and mustard sandwich.  I still haven't gotten around to making my lunches (I need to get back into that habit!) and every day I curse myself for not making time to do it the night before.  It is so much more worthwhile.  I think the thing that is annoying me is the fact we don't have a microwave at work.  I think my cold meat and veg would be much more appealing if it was hot meat and veg.

After work I had it set in my diary that I would do some more cardio.. so I went for a run!  I decided to click into beast mode and run a full lap of the park, then on the second I would do bench jumps etc.  All in all the distance was around 3miles and I burned just under 500Kcal.

Go hard or go home.  I went hard... and now I need to get my foam roller on! haha

By the way, how good is it when you roll your mat like this?  Usually I roll it on an angle and it ends up all wonky and pointy at one end... but today, I freaking nailed it!  Stoked.  Talk about winning :)

Tomorrow is going to be legs day.  It was supposed to be today but I twinged something in my hip/bum and I didn't want to push my luck.

Do you guys get lost in iTunes? Do you share my frustration with your workout mat?

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