Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit traner - Phase 2 Day 44

Hi!  Sorry I didn't post this yesterday.  I was too busy putting together my Black Swan video...

I had to mix up the days of the LiveFit trainer this week as I did something to my hip earlier on in the week and didn't want to make it worse by working on my legs.  Good thing I waited as I went really hard for this workout.  I want to start seeing some more definition in my thighs and calf muscles.  I know the muscle is there, I just want it to be bigger I guess!

PS I am loving how my shoulders are looking right now. I have always had fairly defined shoulders, but these days I think they are looking amazing!

Wednesday WOD
5mins elliptical, warm up
DB step ups + single leg raised squats
Weighted squats
Narrow stance leg press + seated calf raises
Leg extensions
I was planning on doing some more dead lifts etc, but the Yoga class had already started and whoever tidied up the gym, put all the weights/BB's in the cupboards.  Well, there you go. That's what you get for working out in a tidy gym :)

Kcal burn was around 420 or so.

After work I walked home in the drizzle that we call London Summer, and made myself a very filling Protein Smoothie.

Now I have to go and straighten my hair for the day.  Bleh.  As if washing it isn't enough of a chore....

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