Sunday, 22 July 2012

On a Sunday Morning...

Happy Sunday everyone!

This morning I woke up feeling pretty refreshed.  I didn't go out last night so it was nice to wake up and not feel tired etc.  I did have a bit of a head ache and I think it's because I need new pillows.  I already sleep fairly awkwardly and I guess my neck is just taking a bit of a beating while I sleep!

So one thing on my list of things to do today, was to go for a nice long run.  The sun is shining and I ran up Barnett way for a while and then back again.  I am not used to running in the heat and I didn't have my HRM so I tried to take it fairly easily and do the best I could.  I did have to slow to a walk a couple of times but I made sure I picked up a pace a little bit afterwards to make up for it.  It was just so hot though and it totally threw me for 6.  Either way, it was a good run and I had run :)

I felt pretty happy with the distance and I think just working on the time will make me happy! Not bad considering I have not done a long run for a while.

When I got home, I completed the ab workout below:
4 x 20 side crunches (each side)
4 x 20 4inch crunches (legs crossed one way for 10, then the other way for 10)
4 x 20 oblique twist jumps

Click HERE if you want to see the full ab circuit I based this workout on.

My belly button looks WEIRD!!! hahahah.... I see you there!

Once Abs were done I wanted to play with my sandbag quickly so I did 10 reps of each of the below exercises.  Then, I did it again.

Clean and press
Bear hug squat (turns out my shorts are way too tight for  squats and I thought they would rip haha)
Shoulder to shoulder press
Shoulder drop step lunge (each side)
Zercher good morning
Power cleans
Bent over row
Single leg dead lift and balance (each side)

Yeah, now my face looks like this!  

I spent a bit of time stretching out when I was done and now I am sat here festering in my own sweat while I type this.  I suppose I should probably go and have a shower, then start the rest of my day, right?

I hope you guys are having a good one! If you are in London, OMG GET OUT AND ENJOY THE SUN!!!! WHO KNOWS HOW LONG WE WILL HAVE IT FOR!!!

Oh, and here is an awesome old school Sunday song for you :)

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