Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday WOD - My first step class!

Today was a first for me.  I attended my first Power Step class (run by my boss actually!).  To be honest, I went into the class feeling a bit apprehensive.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to get the hang of the choreography and I was nervous that my lack of cardio over recent months would let me down.

Everyone at work knows I love working out, lifting weights, eating healthy and just in general, being FIT.  I was slightly nervous that I wouldn't be able to handle the class... what if I hadn't eaten enough and felt dizzy? What if I went too hard out of the gates and then slumped at the end?  Eeeeeekk.

So, I sucked it up and got on with it.  You never know if you never go right?

Turns out I LOVED the class.  I was fine with the fitness aspect of things (I even felt like I was craving more at the end).  I got a massive sweat on and my face was red (how embarrassing).  I could do 90% of the moves and only had to slow down if I couldn't get the hang of the moves.  I was stoked and had a massive smile on my face at the end of the class.  Oh, and I burnt 413Kcal while I was at it :)

I tossed up staying back at the gym after work to get my LiveFit in but to be honest, I am going through some things in my head right now and felt like a run would be more beneficial for me today.  So I got a lift home with one of the lovely ladies I work with and prepared to head out sans headphones, iPhone & music.  Then, cheers London - the heavens opened.  I barely got 1min in before I had to turn around and come home.  It was raining cats and dogs!  

P.s why doesn't my hair look this cute in a bun first thing in the morning?

Sooooo.. I decided to do this workout I checked out over the last weekend.  It makes me happy that they are bringing the workouts back to basics and not using every freaking piece of equipment they own in the one workout.  That isn't my style (although I understand if that is something you want to do)!

Powerful Real Time Sweat Workout.

2 switch lunges 2 jacks:  12/11
Push ups (elevated if you want to):  13/14
Touch downs:  41/43
Squat jumps (I did weighted squats because I love my sandbag):  27/26
Dive Bombers (I suck at these):  12/13
Sandbag rows:  30/30

I did a bit of an ab workout at the end of this as well and my HRM said I burnt 171 Kcal.

Epic day of workouts and I am so glad I tried something new.  Did you guys try anything new today?

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