Sunday, 8 July 2012

Zwow #14, Ab bonus and a great deal of not a great deal..

Happy Sunday everyone! I had planned on going for a run today but the weather wouldn't allow it.  I guess I could have gone out with the rain, but to be honest, I didn't want to run the risk of getting sick. Also, I saw it as a great opportunity to play with my sandbag in the lounge room.

Man, I love my sandbag!

Here is the tutorial video - or you can click here to be taken to the video on YouTube.

I used my sandbag as best as I could as I do not have access to DB's when at home.  I didn't use any additional weight for the jump lunges.

My time to complete this was 17.43mins.  It was intense.  My shoulders were burning pretty badly towards the last of the presses there.  During the video, Zuzana puts down one of the DB's and continues with just one.  I kept using the sandbag the whole time (it weighs roughly 10kgs).... no wonder my shoulders are on fire now as I type this.

Afterwards I felt like I wanted to work on my abs for a while so I set my interval timer to 10/50seconds and completed the following exercises:

Knee ups
Obliques left/right
Planks x 2
Weighted crunches
C twists
Leg lifts

I got the idea to do this after looking on the BodyRock website for a quick bonus ab workout.  I found one HERE and kind of used it as a template.  Now, is it just me, or does it say 4 min ab workout, but there are 3 exercises? I'm confused...

Anyways, then - I played with our hula hoop for a while :)  Honestly, I have just gotten into hooping recently and I really would like to a) buy a bigger hoop and b) keep practicing so I can do some tricks etc.  It is a great workout and it is really helping me with my lack of rhythm!!

Right, I am off to have a shower and paint my nails! I wasn't motivated to do it last night, but there is no time like the present ;)

What are you guys up to today?  Anything exciting?

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