Monday, 30 July 2012

Zwow #24, a birthday and a sore foot!

Everyone say Happy Birthday to this little guy!!!  

Happy Birthday Oscar!!  Awwww...  Oscar and Riley turned 3 yesterday.  What a bundle of cute that is right there.  I met up with Robbie, Ryan, Oscar and Riley yesterday for a brunch at Ben's Canteen.  We also enjoyed some Pup Cakes for the little guys.  I have missed them so much.  It was great to catch up and snuggle them almost to death before having to come home again.

Today I was really looking forward to hitting the gym at lunch time, but we had an unexpected visitor at work and we all got taken to Nando's for lunch!  Right now I can not say no to a free lunch (times are tough right now people!) and of course, there is ALWAYS another workout you can do if you don't get to your scheduled workout.

By the way, the above photo was what was left after a veggie wrap with medium sauce and halloumi on the side.  Nom!

Ps on the weekend I managed to hurt my foot.  I think it was from a pair of shoes I was wearing whilst a a wedding on Friday night!!! Ewww... So swollen and sore :(  Totally hobbling today and it SUCKS.  I am not really one to wince with pain at all - I tend to just put up with it.  But I am really struggling with this right now.

When I got home I decided to do what I could of Zwow #24 and also a quick sandbag circuit with abs.

I managed to get 4 rounds done in roughly 10mins 45 seconds.  I couldn't do the dive bombers with my foot so I completed nice proper form low push ups.

The sandbag circuit I completed looked a little something like this:

50 jumping jacks
20 x Clean & power press
50 jumping jacks
30 x bear hug squats
50 jumping jacks
20 x shoulder to shoulder
50 jumping jacks
 20 x shoulder drop lunge
50 jumping jacks
30 x Zercher good morning
50 jumping jacks
20 x power clean
50 jumping jacks
30 x bent over row
50 jumping jacks

Have I mentioned I love my sandbag? :)  I also completed some ab work when this was all over.

This put me in a good mood for dinner.

Now I am watching the Olympics and icing my foot.  Lame.  I hope it is better tomorrow!  I really feel like getting some cardio done tomorrow morning.... If I can tie my shoes up that is!

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