Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A bit of legs and

Oh hey!  So yesterday I told you guys I was getting a delivery from ASDA.  Well, it arrived!  Gosh, it felt like Christmas when I was unpacking all the awesome food I bought.  Can you tell it's pay day?

There was loads in my cart.  Fresh salad, cucumber, fresh basil, fresh mint, butternut squash, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, spring onions, lemons, garlic, kidney beans, quineoa, pearl barley, tinned tomato, etc.

Dinner last night was another winner from Michelle.  Thanks Bestie!

 She cooked up some tofu with agave nectar/soy/sesame seeds, curly kale and carrots.

Then shoved it in a wrap!  Ahh it was amazing.  Next time we will go a little easier on the agave because it was very sweet. I finished mine, but Michelle left a little of hers.

After dinner I hopped into bed to watch Jackass 3.5 and paint my nails.  They look pretty rad, right?

Magnetic nail polish over hot pink.  Dammit, I can be so creative! :)

Wednesday WOD
Lunch time - 5mins on cross trainer, warm up

BB squats with 1min jump rope active rest
Leg extensions with lateral bound active rest
50 floors on the stair master

There was one of the regular guys at the gym using the leg press machine so there was no way I could get on it.  Bugger.  But oh well!  

304Kcal burnt at lunch.

After work

All you need is a sandbag or perhaps a dumbbell, large book etc.

50seconds work/10 rest.  My scores are below.

Sandbag press with lunge/kick up:  18 - 15 - 16
Burpees with tuck:  8 - 8 - 9
Forward lunge keg press:  12 - 18 - 18
Spider men:  60 - 67 - 72

Now, off to enjoy my dinner.  Which, might I add, was EPIC.  Will post the recipe in a bit :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Long Weekend Round Up

So, this is a breakdown of my weekend - In bullet points:

Went to lunch for a colleagues farewell
Ate some Turkish that my body clearly isn't used to eating
Felt sick when I got home, so I took a rest day

Up early
Still felt sick from Friday's rich lunch
Went for another solo run
Ran for distance this time, no hills
PR'd both distance and time running/sprinting
Dyed my hair
Went to go shopping in Oxford Street
Bailed because it was bucketing down with rain
Had a lovely evening with Ryan, Robbie, Pook & the boys

Errands up the road
Felt sick from Saturday's dinner
Drinks with Michelle
Games with Michelle
We basically entertained ourselves in our flat for 12 hours
Oh and we watched Beethoven.  STOKED!

Pretty much a write off
Had a Thai Foot massage and some reflexology
Had another epic dinner

Early morning cardio on the treadmill
Sprints and a massive sweat fest
I love how quickly you turn over the distance when you are sprinting.  It makes me feel like a cheetah!

Well, that's breakfast burnt off! 

At lunch time I completed a bit of an upper body circuit.  According to the HRM I burnt roughly 200Kcal.

I leave lovely notes for my friends in their work notepads.  Stephanie just happened to find this one today.  I only wrote it roughly, 2months ago?  Awww...

So tonight, ASDA is coming with my groceries! YAY! Vegan challenge kinda started on the weekend.  Going well so far!  My aim is just to educate myself and experiment more with foods.  It has definitely made me more mindful and curious as to what I am actually eating and drinking.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Zwow #30 - Beating your personal best

Yo! Today I missed my lunch time work out because I had to scoot out of the office to get a farewell present for a colleague.  Very sad times, and was certainly not going to lose sleep over missing a lunch time sweat fest.

So, I skateboarded home and completed Zwow #30.  This workout is basically seeing if you can beat your personal best.

When I completed this workout earlier in the year, it took me 19mins and 22 seconds.  I remember struggling through the workout and not really being able to do the exercises with great form.  This time, I made sure my form was as good as I could get it and really push through to beat my time.

My time was 17mins 27seconds.  Again I still can't do pistol squats - so I used a low stool to squat down onto and then raise myself back up.  Man, I wanna nail those so bad!

P.s I look revolting after a workout.  How about you guys?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday - Legs Day & Running

Wednesday WOD
5mins cross trainer, warm up

BB step ups with 22.5kg
Plie squats with 14kg DB
Dead lifts starting with 30kg
Leg extensions with 56kg
Leg press starting at 79kg
Seated calf raises at 152kg

After work I knew I wanted to do something additional.  My legs were not really too sore after today so I went for a run.

 Before I went for a run, I cut the sleeves off this old Superman T shirt.  See how much more bad ass I am?  Well, even if you don't see it, I felt it !

I completed 2 loops of my usual park run.  I ran faster than I usually do.  I did my bench jumps on the second loop faster than I usually do.  I kicked ass and still felt strong at the end.

I mentioned on my Tumblr page earlier that I went for a run, completely solo.

No phone.  No music. No Nike +. No HRM.  No watch.  No nothing.  

You know what? I kinda liked it.  I wasn't feeling pressured to keep my heart rate at a certain level.  I wasn't worried that I wouldn't reach my usual check points in a faster or slower time.  To speak freely....

I didn't give a shit about anything except for my running.

And that... ladies and gentlemen, makes me a happy little Vegemite.

Now, off to chow into something tasty for dinner... I am starving!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Upper Body Circuit Workout

This afternoon I decided to complete the upper body circuit style workout from Champions Club Fitness again. I really like these styles of workout as I feel like I am pushing myself harder, trying to get more reps done.  My arms were burning after the bicep curls (I only used a 10kg BB as well!) and to be honest, I was massively checking myself out in the mirror when I was struggling! ha.  What a total loser ;)

If you want to watch the video for this workout, click HERE or open the video below.

So I think there was something wrong with my HRM when I started as I could feel my heart rate was way higher than what it was telling me.  Also, I can feel that I burnt more Kcal than 294.  I was really pushing myself!  But either way it was still a good burn and I am really feeling it today.

I look like a bit of a hippie with all my bracelets on and lifting gloves !

I am starting to really love my upper body.  My arms are getting more defined and my shoulders are nice and capped.  I really feel like I am starting to lean out and be where I want to be.  Now, I just need to get lean so my arms are defined in photos.... This could take a while...

Yep, there is the close up I was trying to get without looking like a complete moron in front of all the guys about to walk into the weights room.  I have really taken to lifting after work, instead of at lunch time lately.  It is a bit quieter and I have more room to move and get things done.  Lunch time is too much of a rat race!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday started with a bang...

Ahh what a glorious weekend!  How good was the weather in London?  Insert massive smiley face here...

So yesterday, I pretty much did nothing.  I did no actual exercise over the weekend.... but I did walk around all day on Saturday with a mate who was visiting from Australia.  It was epic.  The day even ended in a surprise road trip to Brighton - score!

Monday WOD
Before work - treadmill running & sprints
My future husband will have to appreciate the fact that I love getting a sweat on.  They don't have to love it, but they HAVE to appreciate it.   I mean, I don't wanna go hugging everyone when I am sweaty - just don't think its gross.  Is that too much to ask?

After work - small weights circuit
Shoulder presses
Push ups
Sit ups
Upright rows
Lateral and side raises
A bit more treadmill work
More sit ups

Not bad for a bit of a mash up!

Lunch today was a baked potato with tuna and some cheese.
Dinner was ravioli and some Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt.  Thank goodness I was sharing with Michelle or I could quite possibly have downed the whole tub.  This has been known to happen before.

So, as you can tell..... I am kinda not really in the mood for writing much today.  Someone tell me something interesting??  What have you guys been up to?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday / Wednesday - Cardio Queen!

 Sooooo..... What up?  How's things?

I have been working hard.  Exercising hard.  Watching movies hard.  Wait, that doesn't go.

Tuesday WOD
5mins on bike as warm up

DB bench press
DB flys
Alternative hammer curl
BB 21's
Tricep extensions
Upright row
Incline shoulder press
Ab work with Janine (she did cardio today)

Nothing special to be honest.  There were a load of dudes in the weights room today and man, is stank BAD.  I had to fight for a bench and it was basically, get in there, get the job done and bugger off!

I decided to do this workout when I got home because the gym just didn't cut it for me today.
 The workout is a 10min AMRAP.  Now, I only watched half of this video before I started.  Massive error, in my favour of course:)  You will see why.

5 x pistol squats (Assisted with chair)
50 x side to side hops over my exercise mat
10 x plank row knee tuck
10 x 180 burpees

Now.... I thought that ONE burpee was to complete one burpee, then hop 180 and do another one.  Turns out I did twice the amount of burpees required to finish this exercise. Ha!

So I completed three rounds in 11mins 19sec - and that includes 20 ADDITIONAL burpees that I accidentally did.  My bad!  No wonder my arms are burning today.

Dinner tonight was a mash up.

 I had to finish some left over chicken and salad, but then also scoffed down a bundle of ravioli that was left over from Michelle's mean.  My bargaining was that I did two workouts today and most of what was on my pate is green leaf anyways.  That's alright, right?

 I especially love how I didn't bother to rotate this picture for you...

PS. this is the nice little park that I walk through to get to work the shorter way.  Notice all the rubbish on the ground, near the bin?  People can be so lazy.  Seriously. Look after your surroundings.  It is not hard :/

Wednesday WOD
Before work:

20mins on cross trainer and 150 floors on the step machine. 

I had no idea that going on the step machine would push up those Kcal so much! I was really pushing hard on this and had to stop to rest a few times during the 100 floor slog.  I started with 50 floors, then when that went by quickly I decided to go for another 100.  Burn!

I really liked it to be honest.  I will definitely be getting on the stair master again.

This is the outfit that I had to put back on for step class today.  It was so wet and gross and RANK.  Good thing it didn't take too long to get warmed up again.  Step was a killer today!  Talk about cardio queen!

397Kcal burnt off at lunch time.

No wonder I have an appetite for dinner right now.

Tomorrow's plan is to actually get up early and go for a run, then complete legs day after work.  I was going to do legs today, but for some reason I decided having three workouts and showers during one day was just a little bit too much...

Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday Fail!

Since the Olympics have been on in London, I have been super motivated to work out.  I mean, who doesn't want a body like Jessica Ennis?  So this morning I managed to drag my butt out of bed (even though I was up late watching the closing ceremony until midnight! Cheers!), to get some cardio done before work.

It is such a good way to start the week - FRESH and feeling fit.

I  have a tendancy to just kind of plod through cardio on the cross trainer.  It IS pretty boring for me... so today I made sure I was listening to my workout play list and I really got down to it.  I set myself a goal of reaching 300Kcal burnt accoring to the machine and what do you know, it was lower according to my HRM.  Meh, either way it felt good and I got a massive sweat on.

At lunch time I wanted to attack another upper body weights circuit but the "Monday Super Circuits" class at work stole all the weights that I would usually use.  Darn!  Sooo I just muddled my way through my own quick work out on the machines and with what free weights I could find.

Monday WOD
Before work:  Cross trainer, Cardio

Lateral pull downs
Assisted pull ups
Assisted dips
Arm curl machine
Seated row machine
Side and Front shoulder raises
Standing shoulder press
Bent over row

I didn't feel good getting through this... work is annoying me right now and I am feeling a bit like I am coming down with someonething as well! Either way, I was stoked to get it done and ticked off the list for Monday.
Lunch was one of these beauties.  Reminded me of Australia actually. Rissoles and a salad!  Wait, I mean Turkey Muffin and salad...

Eats today were:
B: Oats with peanut butter
Snack:  Protein muffin (small)
Pre lunch:  Protein shake
Lunch: Turkey muffin with salad
Snack:  Protein muffin (small)
Dinner:  Ravioli and sweet chilli sauce (I think)
Drinks - loads and loads of water.  My appetite is GONE right now and I am basically eating what I can force myself to eat.

Off early to bed tonight for some much needed rest and hopefully I will wake up feeling better tomorrow.  Today was DEF one of these days by the way...

Ps. I USED to be in love with Fred Durst.  Don't judge me.... especially on what he looks like NOW.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekend Workout Roundup

Here is a bit of a weekend round up!

Saturday WOD
5km run with bench jumps. Hilly with sprints

Over 500Kcal burnt for this workout.  It was amazing and I can't wait to let my legs recover and get out there again. 

Sunday WOD

Today I did the BodyRock Fitness Test that I did earlier in the year.  THIS is the post I wrote about it back then, when I wasn't working out as much and my overall health and fitness was only just satisfactory (to my standards).  Somehow I managed to fumble my way through the test, modifying push ups etc.

This time I did everything with proper form and no modifications.

Squat jump - 33 (32 last time)
Push ups - 25 (22 modified last time)
Burpees - 13 (13 last time, barely jumped at the end)
High knees - 164 (136 last time)
Switch lunges - 27 (22 modified last time)
Tuck jumps - 24 (18 modified last time)
Straight abs - 39 (31 last time)

I was pretty stoked with the results.  I know it doesn't look much on paper, but I really felt the difference and noticed how much stronger I am since the first time I took the test.  It's all about beating your own personal best right?

I also trawled the Internet this morning looking for a secondary workout once the test was done, but there was nothing that tickled my fancy.  And who am I kidding?  I have a sandbag!!!  Derrr

Jenn's Sandbag Interval workout
Set your timer for 12 rounds of 10/50

Clean and jerk - 14
High knees - 157
Bear hug squats - 22
Ab exercises - 22
Side to side shoulder press - 20
Mountain climbers - 66
Single leg dead lift right - 17
In out abs - 24
Single leg dead lift left - 19
Ab twisters - 68
Power clean and jerk - 13
Plank - 50 seconds

Goodness.  This was actually pretty hardcore!  The mountain climbers after those shoulder presses were really difficult. 

So now I am off to cook some awesome food which I will post pictures of later!!  Hope you guys had a good weekend :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday Cardio & CCF Upper Body Circuit

G'day there!
On the weekend I ended up running both Saturday and Sunday.  Both days I got saturated.  Saturday, because it was so humid and sticky, I was sweating like nothing else.  Sunday, its because as soon as I was 5mins away from home - the heaves opened for a torrential downpour.  Cheers London! I had to take my glasses off (massive nerd I know) and turn my iPhone arm band around to be under my armpit as I was worried it wasn't as waterproof as it says it is!  Not that I would blame it - no words can describe how heavy the rain was.  Anyways, turns out I burnt more calories on Sunday's run than I did on Saturdays..... must have been keen to get home.

Talk about sweat fest 2012.  Again.

London, really.... Blue sky and a downpour.  Thumbs up!

This is me just before I rushed out the door on Saturday evening to meet my best mate from Oz.  Was a great night and I managed to get the last tube home as well. Score!

So that brings us to Monday....  I started before work with 20mins on the cross trainer and then 10mins worth of incline walking on the treadmill afterwards.  I burnt roughly 350Kcal and it really kick started my appetite for the rest of the day.  I had to have a protein shake at around 11am because I could actually hear my tummy trying to eat itself.

I don't have thigh gap.  Are my legs any less awesome?  I am growing to love my legs... Slowly but surely, they are becoming a favorite part of my body.

At lunch time I mixed it up and tried out an upper body circuit style workout as per the video below.  It was great and my goodness, I really had to push hard to get 20 reps done on the third set.  I also had to use lighter weights!

I really suggest you mix up your workouts with things like this every now and then. It got me really stoked to get into the gym and when I was done, my shoulders felt amazing.  Click HERE to take yourself to the website where I will be lurking for the next week or so.

I felt like caving in on the third set of 20 push ups, but I suffered through and got it done.  Pretty stoked with myself actually.

Anyways, what was my workout for the day.  Got some salad for dinner tonight with chicken... yummo! 

How was everyone else's day?  Are you mixing things up this week?

Friday, 3 August 2012

Zwow #28 and another sandbag circuit

I don't usually workout on a Friday but my plans fell through (see how impressed I am? ha!) and now I am sat here watching the Olympics on TV, scoffing down a banana protein smoothie.  Looks like an early night for me!

When I got home from work, I got my ass into gear and completed this Zwow #28.  The workout is supposed to be a 10min AMRAP but I decided when I hit the 10min mark to complete 3 rounds instead of doing 2.5.  I just feel that with these, I don't want to give up and stop just because the timer tells me to.  Why not just push to get the rest of the reps done?

Breakdown is a little something like this:

Dragon kicks x 10 (each side)
Jump lunges x 20
Pike jump and jump up x 15 (these KILLED!)
Reptile push up x 10

It took me 11mins 24 seconds to complete 3 rounds.

After the Zwow and since I was already warm, I went through a quick sandbag workout.

20 x clean and jerk
50 x jumping jacks
30 x bear hug squats
2 x 20 side crunches
20 x side to side shoulder press
20 x 4inch crunches
30 x bent over row
50 x ab twists
20 x power clean and jerk
20 x in out teasers
2 x 10 single leg dead lifts
20 x bicycle crunches
20 x rotational high pull
30 second plank

Not too bad for a Friday quickie I would say!  Now I am tuning into the Olympics.  What are you guys up to?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Power step is back & Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase 2 Day 51

Oh hi there!

Today I managed to get not one, but TWO kick ass workouts in.

Lunch time was power step.  A class run at the work gym by my boss.  It is always a really good workout (365Kcal burnt today!) and to be honest, it feels like the time just goes by really quickly.  I finally have pretty much all of the coordination down and the moves were a lot easier to navigate around this time.

After work, I was bang up for legs day.   Even though my foot is still quite tender, I was able to get it into a shoe pretty easily today.

Wednesday WOD
5mins treadmill workout

Narrow stance squats 4 x 12 reps at 20kg / 44 lbs
Barbell step ups 4 x 8 reps at 20kg / 44 lbs
Single leg barbell squats (foot on bench) 4 x 8 reps 5kg / 11 lbs
Plie dumbbell squat 4 x 8 reps at 14kg / 30 lbs
Leg extensions 3 x 10 reps at 56 kgs / 123 lbs
Seated calf raise 3 x 20 reps at 152 kgs / 335 lbs
Dead lifts:  20kgs / 44 lbs x 10 reps
2 x 30 kgs / 66 lbs x 10
2 x 40kgs / 88 lbs
3 x 8 hanging knee raises and a few laying leg curls and I was sweaty and done!

I also kept my HRM on for the walk home.  Boom.  There goes a quick 666Kcal!  It felt good!

Soo good, this is how I felt afterwards...

Now can we just take a minute to appreciate my bum sweat here please?  Yeah buddy.  SWEAT WAS EVERYWHERE!

All over my back.... under my armpits... in my crotch (WTF)... on my knees.... all over my face.. 

Oh and this is me posing.. the light isn't super flattering but I kinda like my ass (see above picture as well!!) and my calf muscles are getting there, slowly!'