Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A bit of legs and

Oh hey!  So yesterday I told you guys I was getting a delivery from ASDA.  Well, it arrived!  Gosh, it felt like Christmas when I was unpacking all the awesome food I bought.  Can you tell it's pay day?

There was loads in my cart.  Fresh salad, cucumber, fresh basil, fresh mint, butternut squash, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, spring onions, lemons, garlic, kidney beans, quineoa, pearl barley, tinned tomato, etc.

Dinner last night was another winner from Michelle.  Thanks Bestie!

 She cooked up some tofu with agave nectar/soy/sesame seeds, curly kale and carrots.

Then shoved it in a wrap!  Ahh it was amazing.  Next time we will go a little easier on the agave because it was very sweet. I finished mine, but Michelle left a little of hers.

After dinner I hopped into bed to watch Jackass 3.5 and paint my nails.  They look pretty rad, right?

Magnetic nail polish over hot pink.  Dammit, I can be so creative! :)

Wednesday WOD
Lunch time - 5mins on cross trainer, warm up

BB squats with 1min jump rope active rest
Leg extensions with lateral bound active rest
50 floors on the stair master

There was one of the regular guys at the gym using the leg press machine so there was no way I could get on it.  Bugger.  But oh well!  

304Kcal burnt at lunch.

After work

All you need is a sandbag or perhaps a dumbbell, large book etc.

50seconds work/10 rest.  My scores are below.

Sandbag press with lunge/kick up:  18 - 15 - 16
Burpees with tuck:  8 - 8 - 9
Forward lunge keg press:  12 - 18 - 18
Spider men:  60 - 67 - 72

Now, off to enjoy my dinner.  Which, might I add, was EPIC.  Will post the recipe in a bit :)

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