Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Long Weekend Round Up

So, this is a breakdown of my weekend - In bullet points:

Went to lunch for a colleagues farewell
Ate some Turkish that my body clearly isn't used to eating
Felt sick when I got home, so I took a rest day

Up early
Still felt sick from Friday's rich lunch
Went for another solo run
Ran for distance this time, no hills
PR'd both distance and time running/sprinting
Dyed my hair
Went to go shopping in Oxford Street
Bailed because it was bucketing down with rain
Had a lovely evening with Ryan, Robbie, Pook & the boys

Errands up the road
Felt sick from Saturday's dinner
Drinks with Michelle
Games with Michelle
We basically entertained ourselves in our flat for 12 hours
Oh and we watched Beethoven.  STOKED!

Pretty much a write off
Had a Thai Foot massage and some reflexology
Had another epic dinner

Early morning cardio on the treadmill
Sprints and a massive sweat fest
I love how quickly you turn over the distance when you are sprinting.  It makes me feel like a cheetah!

Well, that's breakfast burnt off! 

At lunch time I completed a bit of an upper body circuit.  According to the HRM I burnt roughly 200Kcal.

I leave lovely notes for my friends in their work notepads.  Stephanie just happened to find this one today.  I only wrote it roughly, 2months ago?  Awww...

So tonight, ASDA is coming with my groceries! YAY! Vegan challenge kinda started on the weekend.  Going well so far!  My aim is just to educate myself and experiment more with foods.  It has definitely made me more mindful and curious as to what I am actually eating and drinking.

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