Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday Cardio & CCF Upper Body Circuit

G'day there!
On the weekend I ended up running both Saturday and Sunday.  Both days I got saturated.  Saturday, because it was so humid and sticky, I was sweating like nothing else.  Sunday, its because as soon as I was 5mins away from home - the heaves opened for a torrential downpour.  Cheers London! I had to take my glasses off (massive nerd I know) and turn my iPhone arm band around to be under my armpit as I was worried it wasn't as waterproof as it says it is!  Not that I would blame it - no words can describe how heavy the rain was.  Anyways, turns out I burnt more calories on Sunday's run than I did on Saturdays..... must have been keen to get home.

Talk about sweat fest 2012.  Again.

London, really.... Blue sky and a downpour.  Thumbs up!

This is me just before I rushed out the door on Saturday evening to meet my best mate from Oz.  Was a great night and I managed to get the last tube home as well. Score!

So that brings us to Monday....  I started before work with 20mins on the cross trainer and then 10mins worth of incline walking on the treadmill afterwards.  I burnt roughly 350Kcal and it really kick started my appetite for the rest of the day.  I had to have a protein shake at around 11am because I could actually hear my tummy trying to eat itself.

I don't have thigh gap.  Are my legs any less awesome?  I am growing to love my legs... Slowly but surely, they are becoming a favorite part of my body.

At lunch time I mixed it up and tried out an upper body circuit style workout as per the video below.  It was great and my goodness, I really had to push hard to get 20 reps done on the third set.  I also had to use lighter weights!

I really suggest you mix up your workouts with things like this every now and then. It got me really stoked to get into the gym and when I was done, my shoulders felt amazing.  Click HERE to take yourself to the website where I will be lurking for the next week or so.

I felt like caving in on the third set of 20 push ups, but I suffered through and got it done.  Pretty stoked with myself actually.

Anyways, what was my workout for the day.  Got some salad for dinner tonight with chicken... yummo! 

How was everyone else's day?  Are you mixing things up this week?

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  1. Hey, I've totally been creeping your blog since I saw you on SkinnyRunner, I'm a Canadian living in London (okay, actually Essex, but thats just embarrassing to admit). Just wondering where you find all of your awesome circuit/stength training videos... I've tried searching on youtube but I must suck at it because all I can find are big sweaty man ones! - Nik