Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday Fail!

Since the Olympics have been on in London, I have been super motivated to work out.  I mean, who doesn't want a body like Jessica Ennis?  So this morning I managed to drag my butt out of bed (even though I was up late watching the closing ceremony until midnight! Cheers!), to get some cardio done before work.

It is such a good way to start the week - FRESH and feeling fit.

I  have a tendancy to just kind of plod through cardio on the cross trainer.  It IS pretty boring for me... so today I made sure I was listening to my workout play list and I really got down to it.  I set myself a goal of reaching 300Kcal burnt accoring to the machine and what do you know, it was lower according to my HRM.  Meh, either way it felt good and I got a massive sweat on.

At lunch time I wanted to attack another upper body weights circuit but the "Monday Super Circuits" class at work stole all the weights that I would usually use.  Darn!  Sooo I just muddled my way through my own quick work out on the machines and with what free weights I could find.

Monday WOD
Before work:  Cross trainer, Cardio

Lateral pull downs
Assisted pull ups
Assisted dips
Arm curl machine
Seated row machine
Side and Front shoulder raises
Standing shoulder press
Bent over row

I didn't feel good getting through this... work is annoying me right now and I am feeling a bit like I am coming down with someonething as well! Either way, I was stoked to get it done and ticked off the list for Monday.
Lunch was one of these beauties.  Reminded me of Australia actually. Rissoles and a salad!  Wait, I mean Turkey Muffin and salad...

Eats today were:
B: Oats with peanut butter
Snack:  Protein muffin (small)
Pre lunch:  Protein shake
Lunch: Turkey muffin with salad
Snack:  Protein muffin (small)
Dinner:  Ravioli and sweet chilli sauce (I think)
Drinks - loads and loads of water.  My appetite is GONE right now and I am basically eating what I can force myself to eat.

Off early to bed tonight for some much needed rest and hopefully I will wake up feeling better tomorrow.  Today was DEF one of these days by the way...

Ps. I USED to be in love with Fred Durst.  Don't judge me.... especially on what he looks like NOW.

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